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Focus On Your Blessings

I received this forward some time back and thought of sharing it here.

Maria and Natty were two young mothers who lived across the street from each other. From their living room windows, each woman was able to observe the activities of the other woman’s family.

One day, Maria confessed that she’d been watching what went on in Natty’s front garden and that she envied her. I don’t know what you mean, Natty said with puzzled look on her face.

Well, I often see your husband out in the front mowing your lawn, and I wish my husband would do the same thing, Maria said. Your garden is beautiful!

Natty laughed and then made her confession. I have been doing the same thing, Joan, she said. I watch your husband in your front garden – and I have envied you! Maria shook her head with disbelief. What on earth do you mean she asked?

Natty replied, I see your husband playing ball with your toddler so nicely. How I wish Keith, my husband, would do the same thing! He never wants our boys in the way when he mows. Be honest Joan. Would you rather have your husband play with your son than have a well-manicured lawn?

I had not thought of that before, but you’re right Natty. I may have tall grass, but Eric, my husband is right about playing with little Johnny, Maria concluded.

My dad said to me once, “there is not a thing called ‘settling’ in life. At every point of life, we always need something like, money, job that u love, position, good health, satisfaction, love etc. Live your life to fullest (off course keep trying to achieve things you(feel) are lacking in life but stop worrying about that)”.Always enjoy what u have. Appreciate and thank god for every small blessings in your life instead of wailing and complaining. Very often we are blind to our own blessings that are so obvious to others. Let us cultivate the habit of concentrating on our several blessings rather than brooding over what we perceive as curses. Have a nice week folks


January 11, 2010 at 10:57 am 25 comments

24 :D

Wow, today I’m turning 24 years 😀 . I can’t believe I’m 24 😀 . Feels like, I’m still 20 something. Thank you god for another wonderful year in my life 🙂 🙂 . I know you will give me the best in this Year too 🙂 . Thank you lord for the wonderful and supportive parents, a sweet sister and the good set of genuine friend’s, my dear blog friends and for all the blessings showered upon me. Thank you my dear friends and family folks who stand with me all the time and supported me, you guys are so special to me 😀 😀 😀 😀
And thank you so much for everyone who took lot of pain to get up early morning (though it is a holiday for Indians) and wished me .It means a lot to me. May god bless you all and do pray for me
Thank you folks, love you all so much 😀 😀 😀

September 28, 2009 at 12:09 pm 27 comments


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