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An attempt to be honest

Sometime back Kanagu and Nancy chechi asked me to do this tag at gunpoint.

In fact I’m not much interested in doing tags .But as I’m scared of my life, I’m doing this tag. So here we go

  1. I’m dying to attend a Hill song concert. Hope it will happen in near future
  2. I’m a die hard fan of horror and psych, supernatural. Gimme any thrash belongs to this genre (except slasher, I can’t stand slasher movies), I will watch it. Actually my dad used to get irritated when ever he sees me watching these kinds of movies
  3. I prefer watching movies in PC\DVD rather than in Theatre. For some reason, I like quiet atmosphere for watching a movie.
  4. I love small kids, love to play with them and take them around. Thank god I have a big bunch of kiddos in my apartment 🙂
  5. I’m a big foodie .I love to experiment with food and coz of this had a lot of disastrous experiences :).
  6. I’m a very egoistic guy. At times I feel I’m a bit selfish also. But I don’t want to change myself. I love to be like this.
  7. I hate to admit this. Sometimes I used to tear up when watching emotional scenes in movies. But in fact I don’t consider myself as an emotional person.
  8. Badly want to go for a proper trekking in this or next month. Been a long time went to one
  9. I’m allergic to girls with weird attitude and all kind of Back bitters. Thank god none of my closed    ones\friends are in these categories
  10. I would like to learn wildlife photography and guitar

Huhh it’s done finally. If any one wants to do this tag, please do take it up and let me know. Between thank you so much Nancy chechi and Kanagu bhai.


March 8, 2010 at 7:26 pm 19 comments


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