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Atithi Devo Bhava ???

All over the world we Indians are known for our hospitality. We were taught the golden verse ‘Atithi Devo Bhava’ in our childhood itself. But after hearing certain incidents frequently, I feel it seems our age old principle\value is only applicable for our friends\relatives who is visiting our house. The attacks on our foreign guests, weak minorities made me think about this. Though our Medias are busy condemning, accusing Australian attack on Indians, unfortunately they ignored\sidelined most of the attacks towards the foreign tourists in Goa (a major tourist hub of India) and other parts of India. Last week a 9 year old Russian girl molested by a couple of domestic tourists. It was such a disgusting incident. I just don’t understand what made those creatures to be aroused by a small kid. Last year another case registered against a high profile politician.

It is unfortunate to hear that not only tourists but also foreign NGO activists also assaulted. Many of these foreign NGO activists are in there early twenty’s (one main thing to be noted). When we enjoy our life in pubs, cinemas, with friends, tours or whatever; these people are working on our slums, orphanages, rescue peoples from brothels and child laborers\beggars(when we don’t even bothered about these underprivileged peoples) . Do they deserve something better? Even though we don’t honor them, don’t we have responsibility to offer them a safe life? When we behave like in this manner to our guest, can we expect a better hospitality from there country (Forget about the income we are receiving through tourism).I am against the attack towards Indians in abroad (though there is few reasons behind these attack in Australia which our media dutifully ignoring).But before slamming down, protest against these attacks don’t we have a responsibility to ensure safety and better hospitality for our guests.It is better to pay attention to the plank in our own eye before looking at the speck of sawdust in our neighbor’s eye (verse courtesy – Mathew 7:3).


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For Whom , For What

Zera : Bhaiya , Kahan Ja Rahe Hain
Me: hey zera, I’m going out with my friends to watch kurbaan
Zera : Ohh that movie…I hate those kinda movies…I mean Muslims, terrorism, anyways bye bhaiya ,have a nice time.
Me: Bye, see ya tonight

Zera (a smart, bubbly tenth standard student) is my neighbor. Later that night, I met her again with her friend sameer

Zera: bhaiya how was the movie.Sameer he saw kurbaan today
Me:Yeahh it was good
Sameer: I saw the trailer. From the trailer itself I almost understood the plot. It must be stupid one like other movies in similar genre.
Zera :yeahh first it was Fanahh ,then newyork now Kurbaan. Come-on all stupid movies
Sameer: Exactly zera, everyone is portraying us as bad people. As if we are born with a mark on our head that we are terrorists. So frustrating.

I didn’t want to take part in that conversation further, so I just told them bye and walked away. I couldn’t believe that this was the conversation between a 14 year old girl and 17 year old boy. I was surprised how much they were hurt (though they don’t even know what is life and haven’t experienced anything in there life) because of verbal, visual direct/ indirect attack towards a particular community just because of the stupidity of few extremists.
I was not interested in these kinds of topics and I never used to take part in debates, discussions that deals with religions, denominations and politics. But for some reason this incident made me think a lot. Because of the stupidity of few peoples (that too hardly 5 percentages) an entire community is suffering. I still can’t understand what is the aim behind these terrorism and riots and all. Though we are Christians, Hindus or Muslims we inhale same oxygen from same source, we need food and water to survive and also everyone is formed with blood and flesh .For whom we are fighting .I’m told and taught that all the religions teaches to love one another and don’t cause any harm to others. So I will say if anyone fight in the name of god or do harm to his other children’s, then they are not god’s children but devils loyal children.

Trivia: Few times back one of my friend told us a story that made us think and laugh a lot. His job demanded frequent flight journeys. To his surprise he and his baggages were always cross checked by officials (not only in airports but also in railway station).Later he mentioned this to a friend, who is a top official in police. After hearing this he started laughing hysterically and asked him to just shave his French beard. Surprisingly after he shaved his French beard off, not even a single official asked him for extra checking so far(it happened almost two years back) .The point to be noted was, he is a Christian and got a good achayan (Syrian Christian) name .But still, just because of a beard……

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Sometime back I was searching for some flash games in net for my nephew’s.While surfing I happened to see this game and I was surprised and shocked when I came to know what type of game it was. I heard about toon sex and all a lot, But never thought even in my wildest dream it will present\available in a kids site (later I found that there was not one but many which initially looked harmless but very nasty which is good enough to pollute\damage those innocent minds). I just don’t understand what traffic, what income they need by polluting and exploiting these innocent minds. My nephews (9 and 6 years old) often surf Google for games but the very thought of this – just one click can take them to most explicit site which is beyond imaginable scared me.

Now day’s kids are fast and they easily grasp things. But unfortunately same can’t be told, when it comes identifying what is right or what is wrong. And also can’t blame them for that because they don’t know that is bad and they are innocent or not big enough to identify good\bad. Unfortunately if we failed to find it out or notice it, probably they will consider it as not a big deal and also it will adversely affect or say damage their personality, finally the aftereffects will be disastrous I guess(they will believe what they see or their friends, more than there parents or other elders).
It is not only kids who are vulnerable but unfortunately our teenagers too. There are countless pages \ groups in social networking sites like Face book, my space, orkut which serve forbidden fruit ,that is easily accessible to anyone at anytime. And we don’t need the help of any surveys to guess that how many teenagers\minors visit, join all these (Common Interest – Sexuality) kinda groups. Another dangerous thing is chat rooms. There are lots of psychos (pedophiles) who are looking especially for minors for exploiting those (few years back a school girl is seduced by a group of guys through orkut in Delhi and killed by the same later is one example.). If they fall for them once, it will affect them mentally or make them feel guilty about it and finally it may result in serious consequences. Then another one is web cam, which is good enough to make anyone porn star in seconds or strong enough to make you regret for a lifetime for making a small mistake.
I’m not trying to say all the technologies, everything is bad or something likes that. If we take some small care or safety measures it will be wonderful things that will enhance the quality of life. If you follow the points mentioned below, I think that is more than enough to keep your kid\little brothers\sisters from trapped in ‘net’ (to a big extend).

  • Always keep your computer in common room like master bedroom or main hall. And no laptops for juniors (especially with webcam).It is known fact that even engineering \ management students(almost 90 %) use there pc\laptop for watching movies, playing games, IM or surfing unless during study holidays ,exams or project time(for studying purpose). I don’t think school kids has to do anything more than that
  • Install a good firewall\filter like net dog (one of the best software to block porn websites) or Trusted filtering etc. Also recommended to use – Safe eyes (let you track your kids instant messaging and social networking)
  • Teach them that never share their(or there parents) personal information or pictures in the web(plenty of cheap software’s are available in net which can easily manipulate pics)
  • Make them aware about traps in net (don’t wait until they become victim). When I was in school, every year they used conduct awareness program\workshops\plays about the ill effects of using drugs, alcohol, smoking. Now it is high time to add cyber issues also along with them.
  • Before you gift your kid (school kid) a cell phone, just think for a second that, is that really necessary for him\her. If it is necessary ,it is recommended to use software’s from websafety or safekids (which block them from sending receiving inappropriate messages\pictures\videos).But remember that it will give protection from cyber traps only not from psychos in real world.
  • Last but not least, try to be in the friend list of your kid’s social networking sites. So that at least you can monitor them, with whom all they are communicating and what they are doing.

All the parents believe there kids are best and they can’t be\won’t be bad. But that doesn’t mean we can give\guide them license\opportunity\show the way to be bad

P.S : Many of the young parents are technology-illiterate to there kids .But it doesn’t mean they can outsmart you, i.e. always try to be smarter than them :).

November 27, 2009 at 4:47 pm 40 comments

It is so sickening Part – 2

There are some inventions which made the life of human kind more interesting, happening and simple. Among that two main things are Internet and cell phone. I’m damn sure majority of people reading this post can’t even think about a life with out these essentials. Out of the both Cam Cell phone is a wonderful invention. It gave the option for us to snap the beautiful moments of our day to day life. But as they say, every coin as two sides, these two things made lots of people’s life miserable also. Few days back, I read this incident in a newspaper (which prompted me to write this post)
She(30 something) treated that two teenage (17 year) twin brothers like, her on brothers (they were also her husband’s distant relatives).So she gave them full freedom in her house. One fine day, one of her relative called her up and told her nude pic was circulating in that area. After seeing those shocking snaps she fainted and her husband filed a case in the police station. With in hours they caught the twins and they admitted everything. Actually while she were in shower room, they snapped her with there cell phone and circulated it among there friends.
I don’t know what to call them. Anyways they screwed up there future and there parents dreams and also spoiled an innocent lady’s honor. This is just one other incident. Like this lots of nasty incidents are happening almost everyday in everywhere. I heard about another incident recently. Unlike the previous one, here they paid big price cause of a small carelessness.
This dude was really working his ass off in Middle East. He took a few snaps of his wife (in compromising position) in his cell with her permission (she was staying with his parents in his home town). He thought during those lonely and hopeless days in desert, those snaps will give some refreshing memories about the beautiful moments in his life .But this idiot forget to deactivate his Blue tooth and somehow some heartless vultures got this snap and they started blackmailing him. Finally to settle it and destroying all the snaps, he paid them nearly 5 lakh’s. Just imagine what he paid for his small carelessness. His peace of mind, honor, and not to mention, a big chunk of his hard earned saving.
What to do, we are living in a bad world. A few insane perverts insane act make our society pathetic. Probably if we are a little careful, alerted, we can avoid a few unfortunate incidents like this. if you feel that there is something wrong with a persons action with his cell phone, camera (no matter if you are in public, train, bus\railway station, hospital etc), then never hesitate to ask and check his\her cell phones \camera .unfortunately if your fake profile created in any websites (by someone) or you are snapped by some perverts, Then never hesitate to complain the nearest cyber cell. Now days most of the states have an active and efficient cyber cell, they can easily trace the persons responsible for this or at least they can delete your profiles and pictures. As anish commented in my previous post, at present we can only pray, and hope this social degeneration stops at some point.

September 19, 2009 at 9:00 am 19 comments

It is so sickening

I was shocked, when my friend told this incident some time back
They both were sitting in adjacent seats, in that hi-tech bus (One girl in her early twenties and other lady in her mid forties).Though they are strangers, soon they become acquainted with each other. The older lady (let’s call her anitha) took ticket for both even though other one protested (priya) .After an hour anitha got a phone call and she moved towards the cabin where driver and conductor used to sit. Priya noticed that, anitha were talking to conductor and few passengers seated in front row, but she just ignored it. When the bus reached Cochin anitha told priya “our stop has come, let’s get down”. She looked at her puzzled and told her “no no, I will be getting down at tiruvala”.Suddenly conductor and few of the passengers came to the spot and asked her “go fast with your mother girl, we are already late”. She didn’t understand anything and she told them “this lady is not my mom”. After a few minutes argument, Suddenly she got a idea and she handed over her ID card to conductor and asked anitha, “if you are my mother, then tell what is my official name “.Anitha’s face turned pale white after hearing this question, Suddenly one quails van sudden beaked aside the bus and at the same time anitha pushed the conductor aside and rushed towards the car. She got inside the car and it flied away. Everything happened in few seconds. Every one in the bus looked at priya in shock. They got an idea about what happened. Conductor and others apologized to her and told her what happened .Actually that lady approached the conductor and others and told them that “priya is a mentally unstable girl and she is taking her to psychiatrist. So she requested them to help her, if she protests to go with her”. Though they boarded the bus from same station, talking each other for a long time and also coz anitha took ticket for both conductor didn’t suspect them. She shocked after hearing his and thanked god for saving her from such a big trouble.

Though it happened long time back (according to my friend), I couldn’t believe, an incident like this happened in kerala.
Probably our country is developing in a sky rocketing speed. Probably India is shining. But it is disturbing to see that we can’t able to control the increase in number of human trafficking. I happened to read an article in a newspaper that, From south India alone, around 8000 girls were missing on last year Seems they were trafficked for the purpose of forced labor, commercial sexual exploitation(which includes prostitution, pornography, sex tourism etc), forced marriage and the latest is for jihad .According to the officials, in many of the cases, the girls are cheated by there ‘boyfriends’. (I think in this case, May be parents of youngsters also play a role in preventing this? Like by checking who is there children’s friend? By contacting there institution authorities often (how are they doing there) etc).

Seems, it is the second or third most profitable industry used by organized crime after drugs and guns and also it is a multi-billion dollar industry. I just feel pity about those girls, like after seeing some stupid movies, serials and after reading some b-graded novels, and by believing thats life and flying away from home with some idiots.Once they realsise there mistake,that will be too late and they will be in chains of some wicked forces ,that can’t be easily broken.
I don’t know where the problem lies. I don’t know what the solution is for this or will this be alright in near future. But I guess if we deny using there end products (I’m not mentioning what is that here), we can control this big curse up to a extend. I really don’t know what to write about this.

Trivia: Happened to see this movie (Trade) few weeks back. A very touching and racy thriller, about a brother’s ‘mad race’ to rescue his little sister, who is kidnapped by a human trafficking racket (Click here for trailer). Strongly recommended

September 14, 2009 at 6:30 pm 23 comments

Mumma, my back is hurting!!!

The month of June always brings colorful memories for me (of my childhood days). The monsoon, new school uniform, wet umbrella, fragrance of cool breeze, cloudy sky etc (here in Chennai I’m missing the later parts) .It is so delightful to see small kids (mostly crying babies, coz they remind my nursery days) going to school carrying bags and umbrellas. So when my cousin sister asked to take her kid 2 school on opening day, without thinking twice I agreed. But when I saw my kuttus (he is in 1st standard) bag ‘gage’, I was about to faint. He is barely 20kg and he was carrying 3-4 kg bag and lunch box. When I was waiting in the school compound I have seen a few heartbreaking scenes. Like coz of unable to carry her bag one girl were crying and another small boy who fell down over his bag in front of me. Seems first day, they have to bring all there books, keep some in school and can take it back every fortnight. But still…

 Already doctors explained the health hazards of carrying these heavy bags at this young age. It will cause physical as well as psychological scars for the child (now a days most of the kids are suffering from lower back pain). At my nephew’s case, he has got 5-6 books per subject including text book, notebook, test paper, exercise book etc. In some cases they will get fed up with this and lose interest in studies. I’m not saying we should go back to education of 1950’s or something like that. We should give the best education for our wards. Like a Childs brain will start growing at the age of five (according to my knowledge, if I’m wrong please correct me).So that we have to make him think properly and also we have to provide best resources to train them through the best way. Is that means giving 20-25 books and force him\her to mug up everything? As I said in my previous post, we have to implement a lot of innovations in or education field. I feel that it is high time to change our notebook\textbook style education. Instead of forcing him to study for examination and score 90+% marks, we should motivate them to think creatively and innovatively. Like let him understand what his\her teacher teaches them and ask them to write what they got in a piece of paper(what ever it is) and later the mentor correct it and let the kid to take his paper to home and file it (keep a separate file for each subject ).Don’t you think its a good idea. Another suggestion is we can provide a laptop to them (probably kids above 5th standard and make sure he\she can’t play any games or watch cartoons); Load all the text books in the system and let him type the notes in the system. I don’t know whether all these things are good alternative or not.

  If schools don’t want to change and wanna follow traditional way, then at least provide locker facility for everyone, so that they can keep there book over there and take it back on weekends. Apart from education encourage them to enroll themselves in co curricular activities like music, arts, sports, drawing etc. Come on, we r not sending our children to school to train them to be porters, when they grow up.

June 19, 2009 at 11:15 pm 23 comments

Do we need sex education in our schools ?

                             It’s been a long time I want to write something about sex education India. But somehow I forget it. But after reading smitha’s and Indian homemakers post and also after reading this article , I got enough motivation to write about my views about the same in my blog.

                       Last month a parliamentary committee stated that inclusion of sex education and related topics in biology chapters before +2 should be avoided. The committee also said that “Students should also be made aware that child marriage is illegal and is injuries to the health of girl child. They should also be educated that consensual sex below 16 years of age amounts to rape”. So my question is if the children won’t get the appropriate information about the same from proper medium (I guess it is school because many of the parents are so conservative and they may not be simply comfortable to discuss these topic with there kids).If they won’t get the information from proper channel, then probably they will depend on half baked and exaggerated information from friends, pornography or from some stinky/sleazy magazine.

                    We can’t blame them for this because at the age of 12-14 most of the kids will be curious about everything and this  curiosity  may lead those innocent ones to dangerous pits like getting wrong information’s from wrong sources and also sometimes it will be  end up making themselves another victim of a child abuse or something like that. I already told in my previous post about the troubles caused by uneducated ministers. Did anybody think for a moment why in our country so much child abusing happening. I have read in some article (guess in Indian today) that a good percentage of children are sexually abused before 15(most of them are abused by there close ones).why it is happening to our kids? At younger level it is up to there parents to teach there kids about the importance of body and all. The parents also teach them to say NO to anyone, if they touch them or talk to them in an uncomfortable and unusual way .In most of the cases poor innocent kids don’t know what is happening to them until everything got over. If we give proper education to kids, we can reduce child abuse to a big extend.

                        Another thing is like now day’s kids are very fast. They have proper access to learn everything. They are getting access to what they suppose to know and what they not suppose to know at there age. In this cyber world, it is not just techies who is depended on sites like google 2 get information.Itz not a big thing that 10 year old kid is also googling for information now a days. So just imagine out of curiosity if he searches for those terms in net, what results he will get in web? (I know I don’t have to explain that here).Just think about it and how his innocent mind will be poisoned? 

                    That’s why I’m suggesting proper education should be given to kids about sex, child abuse, pregnancy, STD’s like HIV/AIDS, Physical and Mental Development in Adolescents(many children are confused about it and they don’t know to whom these things will be asked) etc. The parents also can help them to learn all essential things in a sensible way (if they don’t want there kids to get stinking ideas from wrong sources) and if they are uncomfortable, they can handover some healthy books or magazines to them or ask some of there matured sibling’s or cousin’s to explain these things in a sensible and respectable way

                                              What I’m trying to say here is just make them aware the essential things in a healthy and sensible way, (not glorifying PMS and all).So that we can avoid them going to wrong sources to get wrong information and also can prevent them getting abused (when they get enough information, they will seldom encourage ‘abusers’ or protest against them from doing so or will tell there parents about it).So do we need our kids, siblings to learn things from proper resource?. What do you think ……………………

May 13, 2009 at 12:15 pm 7 comments

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