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Yet another story of ‘Household violence’

NOTE: This post is dedicated to all the cursed souls who are ‘tortured’ by there maids

While talking with my friend sometime back, he happened to told me about his maid. Before she joined them she demanded like – there should be colour TV with tata sky or BIG TV in the house, washing machine (she openly told she can’t hand wash clothes), can’t wash floor and toilets, vacuum cleaner should be there, she can’t work before 6 AM and after 11:30 PM and also if any special movies aired in the TV, she won’t work until it gets over etc etc. Seems now she is the master of the house and he and his wife are literally ‘servicing’ her. I was not surprised when I heard this. From my cousins, family friends, neighbours I’m hearing the same for a long time (and also from my personal experience).now a days it’s very hard to get housemaids from Kerala and if they are any, majority of them preferring to work in the young techies homes in Chennai, pune and Bangalore. So most of them reluctantly agree to there ‘demands’.
Okay let me tell a normal day in my house. Sister used get up early morning 5:45 and all. Then she will try to wake up our great ‘chinnakili’ from her deep sleep. She will just turn back to other side and will continue to sleep. After 10 minutes

Sis: chinnakili get up. Chinna: ahhh hummm
After 10 minutes Bro-in-law: chinnakili get up fast and please help akka in kitchen, yesterday U were drunk or what …By the time nephews will get up and shout
Nephews: chinnu,chinuuuuu darling .Get up fast, today also you are last(who got up).give us the tv remote

Finally coz of the noise of pogo\cartoon network and all, she will get up. Then our princess will pick the metro plus and espresso (cinema supplement in Indian express) and sneak into the corner of the kitchen. By the time when my sister ask her minimum 3-4 times to do something, if she is in good mood she will do, else will sleep in the corner of kitchen or snatch the remote from someone and watch Tamil music channels
Next night, sister is back from office at 8 PM and asking her

Sis: what u prepared for dinner Chinu: akka, rice Sis: rice with?
Chinu:Didn’t do anything akkka,inneku sun tv’il super star padam vanthachu…So was busy watching that, anyways something will be there in fridge

After dinner and all we will ask her minimum 10 times, to finish the work and go to sleep early. But when we all move to our respective room and switch of the light, she sneak out to the hall, make sure everyone is asleep and grab the remote and will be watching TV till late night or until someone else come to hall.
And on Saturdays my sister (on her hard earned holiday after really stressful days in office) will be battling in kitchen and with kids instead of relaxing and having some nice time and our princess will be watching latest movies in TV and if there is not any good movies in TV, she will get some DVD’s from shelf and will be watching it. Ohh my god she is one lucky specie. Only we know how we are controlling ourselves.
Actually I explained very small percent here. But we don’t have any choice coz it is hard to get a trustworthy maid now a days. So we are just tolerating her. And also it is not only the case in my house but also in the neighbourhood and most of our family friend’s house.

Some one is there to talk for us????…is anyone is listening??? … we are also ‘suffering’ badly.


December 9, 2009 at 12:17 pm 43 comments

24 :D

Wow, today I’m turning 24 years 😀 . I can’t believe I’m 24 😀 . Feels like, I’m still 20 something. Thank you god for another wonderful year in my life 🙂 🙂 . I know you will give me the best in this Year too 🙂 . Thank you lord for the wonderful and supportive parents, a sweet sister and the good set of genuine friend’s, my dear blog friends and for all the blessings showered upon me. Thank you my dear friends and family folks who stand with me all the time and supported me, you guys are so special to me 😀 😀 😀 😀
And thank you so much for everyone who took lot of pain to get up early morning (though it is a holiday for Indians) and wished me .It means a lot to me. May god bless you all and do pray for me
Thank you folks, love you all so much 😀 😀 😀

September 28, 2009 at 12:09 pm 27 comments

In the memmory of that “Passing the secret”

 When we were in 2nd year of our college, we have got this smart English sir, Mr. SS. SS is damp serious always. He has got an awesome talent to make us sleep with a five minute lecture (I’m not blaming him for that, syllabus was like that). But occasionally he used crack some standard jokes. He used to give lot of games and exercises in the class. My bench mates were my good friend and roomie MG (same smarty of my blood test case) and AT.MG was studied in one of the top school in Cochin and when I first met him, he was studious and literally a ‘broiler hen’ and I was the spoiled one. But by second year coz of his stay with me he becomes half spoiled and I become half decent.

 But AT, he studied in a convent school from coimbatore and also he were the nanna munna pyari baby of his parents and sister. He used lead worships, prayer meetings, literally he was an angel. But unfortunately he ended up in our gang. When he joined us in second year, I and MG took oath to make him also spoiled. Initially our main hobby were breaking our head by thinking “evenu engane oru pani kotukam’ (How to fool him in front of everyone, coz of this MG lost his concentration in studies and he lost his class toper position in internals also).                

 Finally we have got our much awaited moment. Mr. SS were taking ‘Effective Communication class’, and as usual most of us fallen asleep (except MG,he were busy taking notes). Suddenly he asked us to join a game called passing the secret(game was like he will call a person and tells him a secret, and he has to pass the secret to next person and he to his next and it should go on until the last person got the message). And we have to check whether the message is same or not (It has to do something with listening skill and all).So finally the game started the MG passed the secret to me, it was something like “Technical communication is useful not necessary for the capability of team play”, something like that. Before MG passed it, I just turned back and found Mr bengu (most crooked guy of my class) is sitting next to (next bench) Ms.CP (I mistaken that she is a arrogant gal, But later I understood that she is a nice girl).Suddenly mera dimag ki bati jala(My wicked brain worked).I used the opportunity to play prank at both of them properly. Like I changed the sentence to “Technical communication is useful but still I love you” and passed to AT and waited for the fun .Without any doubts, innocent AT passed it and finally it reached bengu.Bengu shamelessly passed it to CP. At first CP got shocked, but she started laughing like anything and she passed the message it next one. Every one started looking each other puzzled; I and MG exchanged the wicked smile

Finally Sir called up the last gal (Ms Sweetie) and asked her what was the message. Without any hesitation she told him “Sir, I love U” (my genius friends manipulated it again). All the class burst into laughing .He become speechless and gave a blazing look at her (I still can’t forget the expression on his face).She cleared him like “this is the message I got”. Suddenly SS came back to action and started asking each and everyone, “what you hear “.My heart started pounding like Sivamony beating drums and I thought I’m finished, started looking for a paper and pen to write apology letter. Suddenly he asked me what you hear and I answered him. Then he asked to AT he told “…….still I love you”. Suddenly he got angry and started scolding and cursing poor AT like anything (I still don’t know what happened and how I become innocent and AT  got caught, I guess he meant , what  message you passed).He was telling like, it was a nice game ,it was going gud so far, until some cultureless, senseless, idiotic,#$$%%^@#$$  manipulated it. Why he is coming to college etc etc…….all students were laughing at poor AG like anything even though most of them understood I’m the master brain behind all these. Initially I was also laughing (coz of big relief). But suddenly I found tears in his eyes. I felt so bad and that time only I understood how much I hurt him. I and MG tried to talk to him after the class and asked him to take it easy, but he didn’t tell anything. He has to lead the prayer service that (evening).Unfortunately I didn’t have guts to go and confess everything to sir that time. After that incident I never played prank at anyone like this.

 AT was a nice guy, he never complained about this thing to me, Even though I continued teasing him occasionally, he never spoke a word against me. By final year we become very close friends (probably my best) and we used stand for each other always.

 And about spoiled, I failed miserably because he had the Almighty’s presence in him, that was sufficient to save him from wicked peoples like me and he honestly tried to make me an angel like him (I don’t know how much he succeed in that, But I guess I’m far better now, thanks to his honest attempts)

 Okay, well today is my this  good friend’s birthday(AT’s) .Dear, I’m honestly apologizing about what happened that day and friends like you are a real treasure. Many many happy returns of the day dear may god shower loadz of blessings in the New Year. Love ya loadz dear


PS: OG   , Winnie and tintu  are responsible for this  post because they often make me nostalgic by there post about  college days.

June 6, 2009 at 11:05 am 2 comments

My hemophobia – Some ‘Blood’y Tales

I was taking a nap on a lazy Saturda afternoon.Mummyyyyyyyyyy ahhhhhhhh….my nephew’s howling woke me up. First I ignored it, coz I thought it will be a usual stuff, like fighting with his younger brother or something like that. But I was shocked to see him in a pool of blood. We didn’t understand what happened for a moment, what we have seen is a big wound on his fore head. The boy was scared badly and I was trying to console him and trying to keep him cool, by holding his head with a thick piece of cotton. My bother and we rushed to nearest hospital to dress his wound up .Once I reach hospital and they moved his to dressing room, I started feeling uneasy. I felt like I’m gonna faint or vomiting. In fact after cleaning it up, it wasn’t a big wound. But the sight and smell of blood made me sick. Actually I was sweating badly  in the AC room.

While i was waiting in reception room, I recalled my medical test during my college admission. I have a problem with blood. Yeahh Hemophobia, like the very sight of the blood of another person or an animal, and sometimes printed or filmed images of blood or even thoughts of blood make me dreaded. As I was standing in a queue for my blood test, I was telling this to my friend who were standing next to me. That genius nodded his head with a sweet smile and showed me a tube and asked me, is you scared of this also. (It was like blood was rising in a long tube like mercury from a guy’s vain). After giving a look to that I don’t know what happened to me .when I woke up, I was in air and some persons were carrying me. (I asked myself isn’t the way they take blood test in Coimbatore (buying lifting the patient up in the air) coz I didn’t know I was fainted that time).Anyways that incident gave me lot of publicity J .Being a first year student I didn’t have to introduce myself to many of batch mates coz before I start, they will tell with a smile “I know you……”.The best part is after three years when my roommate introduced me to this cute girl from his class, she was telling me like ,”hey I know you ,you were the one who fainted during medical test……..”.That time only I understood the publicity I have got.

These are the very few among lot of incidents. I know I’m not the only person suffering from this problem But I want a solution for this. Come-on, my friends or closer one want me during some emergency, I can’t turn my face and run away. Someone please help me to get away from this problem.Seriously, I’m fed up

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