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Some post recession rants

Post recession boom is rocking everywhere. Most of the companies are providing reasonable hike and offering many other incentives to hold there existing employees and make them happy. Apart from that most of the firms are conducting recruitment drive to increase there man power and get themselves prepare for the upcoming projects. Few of my friends told that there companies are not accepting or holding new projects now days because of the lack of resources. Last year almost same time same firms were lying of there employees and running everywhere at least to get some maintenance work without much success. And also if two professionals meet and no matter how there conversation starts, it used to end up this way

Person 1: Dude I’m really loosing my sleep now a days. Heard there will be layoff at any time. Is there any opening in your company?
And as u guessed the second person’s reply also will be same and believe it or not now a days the conversation become like this
Per 1: Dey Mathai, are you looking for a shift. There is opening in my firm
Per 2: No man, coming to my company. There is lot of opening and they are offering very good offer for right candidates. Remember my organisation has more chicks compared to yours. So wanna have double maaza.

Recently I went to my native. Because of globalisation and communism, there even construction workers\  dish wash cleaner’s knows what is global recession or what is Obama’s latest healthcare plan and all(many of us may be don’t even heard about all these).There even most of the villages ,every morning there will be a ‘get together’ in the local t’shops and participants will be the achayans\annan’s(uncles) from all the part of society(read from fisherman to school teachers or sometimes college lectures with a cup of hot tea and copy of newspaper. They will be discussing\debating the entire international, national local matters (from shashi tharoor –sunanda pushkar to sania shohaib marriage to Tigerhoods girl friends \Obama or sometimes even about Italian PM’s mistress).But unfortunately they will not be knowing there son Kuttapan\rajapapan is creating ‘prem gada’ with mariakutty\shoshama at there next door.
Recently one of my friends told this tragic story. When he went to buy fish from the market, he had a talk with the fisherman

Fisherman: ente karthave ithara aren’t you the son of thomachan. You become so big. Where are you working son.
My friend(Mathai) : at ‘MacriSoft’
Fisherman: (sarcastically) Ohh didn’t you get job in bipro or sinfosys
(In interior part of the Kerala many of the uncles\aunties know only these two software companies. No matter if you are working with bigger companies than this or earning high salaries, it is very hard to convince these elders)
Mathai: Cheta, compared to these companies there are lot of better firms are there. I’m working with a similar one
Fisherman: Ohh really I haven’t heard about that. Anyways my sister’s son is working with Bipro and you know his salary is ABCDE. It is so sad to see people like you studied in big colleges by paying heavy donations and fees are incapable of getting into bipro,sinfosys and all. And at the same time people like my nephew kuttapan studied in local government schools and all got into there. Feel sorry about U son.

Mathai didn’t talk much after that. He brought the fish and immediately left the place. If he stayed there, may be entire colony would have come to know that thomachan’s son’s incapability of getting into bipro and sinfosys.


April 22, 2010 at 9:24 pm 30 comments

Moral or immoral ?????????

If a male and female stay in a house \room\office for few hours together. Then is that considered as immoral traffic? If it is yes then many of us can’t even count how many times we did this ‘immoral’. The recent controversy\hot news at Kerala prompts me to think about this. Though the police arrested them(AICC member raj mohan unnithan and the lady, who is a Seva Dal worker) under the charges of immoral trafficking, even after almost two weeks neither the medical report nor the officials confirm they did it. Past few days, some newspapers and channels were literally ‘celebrating’ this ‘hot news’ and flashing the snaps and videos of accused frequently. Some media even didn’t show the basic decency for blurring the accused lady’s image, before showing it out to public. I’m neither a supporter of Rajmohan Unnithan nor trying to support him or trying to glorify immoral trafficking. But my question is if they come out with a clean chit later, who will pay for the mental trauma they faced. Will these so called Medias restore the honour of that lady??? .I don’t know. It is a sad fact that, for the sake of TRP’s and cheap publicity our Medias are mindlessly and ‘creatively’ deforming the news. Yesterday I read an article that cpm made him a scapegoat for curbing the rising popularity of congress in Kerala (anyways that is a big joke).So my question is in the court if they admit that they had consensual sex, then what is going to happen? (As both of them are not minors, I guess court will send them free).Such a wastage of time and energy. These so called Medias could have used that time for airing something better. I’m against all sex tourism\trade, sex trafficking, high tech prostitution and all. Yeah for forming a good culture, better society it is the duty of media(not only media but also officials , civilians etc) to expose it and curb it from the root .But that doesn’t mean to go after some silly cheap news and deform it and feed them with unnecessary masalas and wasting there precious time .Don’t know what to say

January 4, 2010 at 10:58 pm 31 comments

Happy Onam !!!!!!!!!!

On September 2, all over the world, malayalis are celebrating Onam, one of the biggest festival of Kerala(irrespective of caste or religion).It is more than a festival ,literally  a season for all malayalis. Since during my college days my non mallu friends and colleagues used to ask me about Onam.Onam is mainly associated with a myth. According to myth mahabaly,a righteous king who ruled Kerala centuries back will come to malyala nadu to see the welfare of his praja(people)(full story here).Another significance Onam is, it is the celebration of harvest and prosperity. Like during rain drenched karkidakam masam (june-july), farmers will be in poverty. chingam(august September) which falls after karkidakam is harvest season. So this joy and enthusiasm is celebrated as onam.

 When it comes onam, the main thing is mouth-watering onam sadhya(thali) with 23 dishes served in banana leaves. Then multicolored floral decoration (pookalam….unique designs represents different cultural and social aspects of Kerala life) onakody means new clothes, especially kasavu mundu for guys and kasavu set-saree for ladies (Malayali girls look’s best in set-saree).In rural areas a lot of games like kabbady, tug of war between elephant and men, thiruvathira (a traditional dance form). Uri-adi (hitting the pot—one of the most exiting game and personally my favorite), boat race (only in few areas) etc will be played.

 The major significance of Onam is  its popularity with all communities with in Kerala   (though it is connected to Hindus) it is celebrated with equal sprit by the Hindus, Christians and Muslims .Yeahh in kerala, first thing is we are malayalis, then only religion, cast, creed etc  will come in our minds :).

 P.S: Niraparayum Nilavilakkum, pinne orupidi Thumbapoovum, Manasil nirachu orupadu Snehavumayi….Orayirum..ONASHAMKAL!!

Wishing U all a happy and prosperous Onam……

September 1, 2009 at 3:14 pm 24 comments


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