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Beware of Lottery Scams

                         Now days many of us are getting lot of emails(with or without  subject “Congratulations winner.”) which tells that you have won a lottery that worth millions. Many of these mails are coming from reliable(misleading) email id like or There are some of them even claim they are from MSN or Pepsi and all. I’m giving a sample mail here.

                              In case if you replied to this mail, you will get another email which has been asked to send some money as a “service fee” to receive their jackpot. If you are good enough to believe them and pay that money, then you will be receiving another letter, claiming to be from the Gaming Board of Great Britain or something like that and with a forged signature of a board member, asking for €20,000. if you pay that and you will be asked to send a courier fee to send your winning cheque.Once you try to claim the money with that cheque, you will understand you become another victim of Lottery scam.
                As per the record , so far at least 65,000 people have lost there money. Many of the people won’t complain about it because of the shame 
               So when u get a mail like this next time just delete it or report spam. When ever you get scam mails like this (like inheritance, lottery, job employment, Love, real estate), check that with sites like or (It is a good website which frequently gives updates and details about latest internet scams, fraud and all. Here I’m mentioning some of the general security tips for internet security
1.Don’t share your personal details in Internet (especially in social     networking sites like face book, orkut, myspace etc)
2. Install a good antivirus and firewall and update it frequently
3. Never share your password with anyone or never keep your     password (stored in WordPad or notepad) in a shared computer.
4.Never bother to reply a spam or mail from an unreliable/un                  trustedperson. And don’t even click the unsubscribe link 
5. Don’t do money related dealing in Internet through a unreliable       source or with a unknown person (Very important)
6..Always type URL directly (Don’t click URL links from email)

                        Always keep in mind that ‘there is no free lunch’.So think twise before you act.
        If you want to know more details about lottery scams, then check this website

PS: I know now a day’s most of them know about this and all. Still I’m writing about this because there are lots of innocent peoples are there, and hopefully some of them will get awareness about this and get benefited by reading this.


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