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My hemophobia – Some ‘Blood’y Tales

I was taking a nap on a lazy Saturda afternoon.Mummyyyyyyyyyy ahhhhhhhh….my nephew’s howling woke me up. First I ignored it, coz I thought it will be a usual stuff, like fighting with his younger brother or something like that. But I was shocked to see him in a pool of blood. We didn’t understand what happened for a moment, what we have seen is a big wound on his fore head. The boy was scared badly and I was trying to console him and trying to keep him cool, by holding his head with a thick piece of cotton. My bother and we rushed to nearest hospital to dress his wound up .Once I reach hospital and they moved his to dressing room, I started feeling uneasy. I felt like I’m gonna faint or vomiting. In fact after cleaning it up, it wasn’t a big wound. But the sight and smell of blood made me sick. Actually I was sweating badly  in the AC room.

While i was waiting in reception room, I recalled my medical test during my college admission. I have a problem with blood. Yeahh Hemophobia, like the very sight of the blood of another person or an animal, and sometimes printed or filmed images of blood or even thoughts of blood make me dreaded. As I was standing in a queue for my blood test, I was telling this to my friend who were standing next to me. That genius nodded his head with a sweet smile and showed me a tube and asked me, is you scared of this also. (It was like blood was rising in a long tube like mercury from a guy’s vain). After giving a look to that I don’t know what happened to me .when I woke up, I was in air and some persons were carrying me. (I asked myself isn’t the way they take blood test in Coimbatore (buying lifting the patient up in the air) coz I didn’t know I was fainted that time).Anyways that incident gave me lot of publicity J .Being a first year student I didn’t have to introduce myself to many of batch mates coz before I start, they will tell with a smile “I know you……”.The best part is after three years when my roommate introduced me to this cute girl from his class, she was telling me like ,”hey I know you ,you were the one who fainted during medical test……..”.That time only I understood the publicity I have got.

These are the very few among lot of incidents. I know I’m not the only person suffering from this problem But I want a solution for this. Come-on, my friends or closer one want me during some emergency, I can’t turn my face and run away. Someone please help me to get away from this problem.Seriously, I’m fed up


May 31, 2009 at 5:00 pm 11 comments


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