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A known stranger

Lekshmi, Fathima, Aliya or Clara, I don’t know her name is and what I suppose to call her. But as usual I saw her standing in front of that shopping complex with a fake smile, may be expecting her so called ‘friend’ . Her pretty blue eyes looks a bit tired and sad. The pain which radiates from her eyes made her appear more beautiful. She put a thick shade of some cheap red lipstick and her skirt was struggling to kiss her knees. Many people who passed her gave her a disgusting and nasty look. But she was still standing there ignoring them all or pretended like she hasn’t seen any of those. By the time a gentle man approached her and they had a chat for couple of minutes and both of them eventually got inside in his car and

 He touched me and tried to kiss my neck. I reluctantly and helplessly let him to do what ever he wants. A fake smile flashed on my face for him. As always I kept my mind plain, blank and Act as just a piece of hundred pound flesh for helping him to put down his booming lust. I pretended like I’m enjoying his nasty smell mixed with alcohol and his perspiration. When he kissed me, it reminded me my little brother’s good bye kiss and a ray of memories flashed through my mind.

                               Let me call myself Indhu. As everyone I came to this country with lot of dreams. For better life, my little brother’s education, mom’s treatment. But very next moment when I alighted the airport  my ‘uncle’ took my passport and I was locked in a small room in thatapartment for few days with few girls. First few days I resisted the ‘visitor’s’ who came to bid for my flesh and I wept for help for days, resisted to eat food. I couldn’t even think about killing myself, when the pleasant smile of my little brother and mom’s face came to my mind. Finally
I helplessly gave up everything like other girls in my room. Now I don’t have anything to loose. Initially I wanted to take revenge on those beasts.But what a helpless person like me can do. But I wish I can, At least to prevent the formation of another Indhu’s like me. Don’t know. But I too have hope,at least for a better life for my family.

By the time when I was about to get out from the shop she came back to the same place like nothing had happened. She tried to straighten her shabby hair and wrinkles in her clothes and started expecting for her next ‘friend’. When I passed her she flashed a smile on me and I just smiled back and walked away.  I don’t know why she is doing this. For what she is doing
this? May be for a meal or better life for her sibling’s or to find money for the treatment of her husband. May be they don’t know what she is doing for supporting them. But in case if they come to know also they mayn’t blame her. How can they?  By this time some should have approached her and moved away. I don’t know. Why should I care? She is not anyone of me .Just a tresspasser. Yeah why should I care


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Cursed – The wicked board

Girls want to try something thrilling and exciting Merlin asked to sera and Rashmi.

Sera: Huhh not again. It is midnight 12:30.Don’t you feel sleepy
Merlin: Hello my dear sleeping beauty, what do you think about talking to spirits, I mean <deeeaaad>?
Sera: Are you crazy Merlin? Please grow up. She is sick Rashmi, don’t listen to her.
Rashmi: Hey take it easy sera. Sounds like its fun. Let her speak. Go on Merlin
Finally sera reluctantly agreed to both

Merlin: Here we go then. Girls listen, be serious. Today is full moon day. Close the door first. By the time I will get candles, coin and the ‘main stuff’

Merlin: It’s time to have fun, girls. This is called Ouija board and this is the magic wand which is gonna let us taste the ‘forbidden’ fruit
Sera: Merlin, I’m getting scared, are you sure you wanna do this insane act…
Merlin: Sera, I don’t want to remind you are grown up. But just want to tell u pleaseee grow up.
Rashmi: Okay guy’s candle, lighter, coin everything is ready, what next

Merlin put a mat on the floor and kept the board in the mat religiously and lighted a candle and placed it over a coin. Then she indicated others to switch of the light and sit in the mat in a circular manner.

Merlin: See, we are gonna call him. Listen be serious and no cheating allowed. Repeat what I’m telling okay. Others nodded there head
Three started calling – “spirit ji Can you hear us. Please come?”
Minutes passed nothing happened. Sera looks shit scared, Merlin was fully concentrated. Reshmi started poking fun at both. But Merlin warned her to be serious .Approximately after 5 minutes there window started busting violently and it started raining heavily with violent thunderstorms. Same time the board started shooking fiercely and the heavy wind carried the board away, it slammed the window glass violently and broke it to pieces and fall back to the original location. Sera and Rashmi become frightened and they felt like they just wanna escape from the spot
Merlin: Hey team his name is Sameer and he told my name and what I did last night. He just wanna talk to me alone. You guys leave and can talk to him later
Panic struck sera and reshma tried to pull merlin out of the room and they begged her to go out with them. But Merlin was determined and finally without any choice both of them left the room and ran away
Merlin looked like she is in a state of trance.

After an hour, both of them came back to room to check what happened and they were terrified when they saw fainted Merlin on the floor and blood and spit foamed from her mouth. The board was broken into pieces. They rushed her to hospital suddenly

————————-Four months later——————————

St.Mary’s Mental Hospital. Father Poulose and Dr .Ninan is having some talk before cell no 101.It was Merlin in the cell. She looks so tired and was murmuring to herself.
She looked emotionless. She didn’t see anyone but only him. She didn’t feel anything but only him. She asked him

Merlin: Why did you spoil me? Did I do anything wrong to you
He: it’s not me, who came after you. You have chosen me, you called me. It is your fate. Accept it. Now only choice is kill yourself and come with me to eternity.
She helplessly sat on the floor and started weeping

Same time Sera approached Doctor, and she couldn’t bare the sight inside the cell and tear started rolling from her eyes

Sera: How is she Dr, will we get back our same smart Merlin.
Dr: Sure why not, It may take some time. We will be giving her medicines, But more than that she need your all love and support.
Sera: Father, can’t believe. Like, these things really exist?

Fr: Daughter, if you believe in god, then you have to believe in devil also

Dr: Actually Sera, It is purely psychological and physiological processes in the people using them. In some cases psychic abilities may spontaneously come into play during board use. Finally subconscious mind is the crucial factor that makes you believe all these things exist.

It is like your subconscious mind is bringing out unconscious thoughts, complexes, hidden desires and hidden phobias. Probably you girls were not serious in this and that’s why you both escaped.

And every year minimum 15-20 patients are consulting me coz of this wicked board. After all certain things are beyond medical science explanation.Nnow for heavens sake you try to find it and destroy it.

Suddenly a violent scream from the cell waked them up. When they peeped into the cell, they found the scary scene like blood oozing out from the Merlin’s vain. She tried to kill herself by biting her own vain

“Stretcher please “Dr shouted at the top of his voice to his assistants and rushed towards the cell along with the father Poulose and Sera

P.S : This is a docufiction.

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While driving his car through the deserted highway, he sipped a another can of heiniken and uttered.” boo 2 AM, hmm it is pretty spooky to drive through this deserted high way, that too in midnight”

Suddenly he spotted a girl waving her hands towards his car.
Before he told anything she got inside the car and told

“Hi I’m Lisa. My car got broke down .Past one hour I was asking lift to those who passed by .Thank god At least you stopped by. Thanks man”. She giggled at him seductively .He smiled back.
He (to his conscious): who is she? Highway robber or a hooker?
He sipped a another bottle of beer and asked her
He: Who are you? Where do you want to go?
She: Ohh yea I’m working with an interior design firm in city. Today we had a party and my bad luck, while coming back my car got repaired. I live nearby Woodstock and if you don’t mind you can drop me there. Hope I’m not disturbing you. Between what I’m suppose to call you.
He: Ohh don’t tell like that. In fact I’m also was wishing a company. It is really shuddery to drive through this deserted highway in midnight and I’m Vinod Scaria.

They talked for a while. Suddenly the car made a loud boom and the engine got off. He tried to start the car but it went vain. When he opened the bonnet, steam and smoke burst out from the engine .she came out from the car and looked at his face helplessly.

He: yeahh you were right today is not a good day for you. I guess we have to sleep somewhere here till in the morning
–beep– –beep– …Vinod shall we look for someone to help us
He: Are you nuts Lisa. Who will be here to help us in midnight?
She looked around for someone or some house
She: Hey check out that, it seems like that is a church. Why don’t we go there and take rest until morning

She started running towards the church. He took the flashlight, a newspaper and a bottle of whisky and followed her

He:Ohh no, it is closed .I think it is better we should go back to the car
She looked around and told …”why don’t we go to cemetery and take rest”
He: Are you nuts lady. I don’t have guts to sleep in a cemetery in this creepy midnight. You sleep in your cemetery with your ghost friends and I will sleep in my car.
She: Hey come-on vinod. Don’t be like a teenager, be a man. There is no ghost or something like that. All that craps are fictitious
Finally he reluctantly agreed to her and moved towards a tomb which looks like nobody cleaned it for ages.
She: Dude this is not fair. Almost past 1 hour we are travelling together you didn’t even show the manners to ask me whether I need a beer.
He: Ohh you drink. Sorry I’m having a bottle of whisky only.
She: What ever. Give me no, I need something to make me warm in this chilling night
He: Great, Then lets go and get some water to mix this ‘holy drink’
She: What!!! are you scared to go alone to get water haa…dude this is too much

He sheepishly smiled at her and moved to get the water. While he was away for water she took the newspaper he was having and tried to read it in the light of flashlight.
“Sri Lanka won the world cup”.
What the heck I heard they won the world cup 13 years back”. She checked the date and started laughing loudly and uttered “Herald, March-13-1996.This guy is really crazy. Who will carry the 14 year old newspaper?” She browsed through the newspaper and suddenly she shocked after seeing a photo in the obituary column. She couldn’t believe her eyes.
She: today is March 13…ohh I can’t believe he is…He is.
She got up from the tomb without wasting the time and started running frantically. Suddenly her leg got locked somewhere and she fall down and hit her head on a nearby tomb. After she saw the name on the tomb she screamed hysterically and tried to get up and run. But it went vain and she fainted.

Next morning when she got up, she found a big crowd in that cemetery. A group of police where carrying a corpse of a young girl to ambulance. And photographers were flashing the body. When she looked at the body closer she understood that it was her corpse. She tried to scream, shout, and call the people standing next to her. But no one heard it or saw her. Suddenly she heard a familiar voice from behind
“Vinod scaria, Born 8-08-68, Dead 12-03-96.May his soul RIP”. It was him
He: So now you believe in ghosts young lady, huh….ha ha ha .Anyways Welcome to the world of this ‘salvager’ of souls.
She helplessly screamed at the top of her voice

P.S: Don’t search for me, no one is going to find me out. This is my first attempt to write a fiction. That is why I pressed publish button

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Our Iceberg Is Melting


                    I happened to take this book from library written by Holger Rathgeber, John Kotter on last month. Once I started reading it, I didn’t put the book down until I finished it. It didn’t bore me even a minute. An entertaining and gripping story with a strong message that is what I want to describe this book in one line.

                 This is an interesting story about a penguin colony in Antarctic .The story deals with the signs of a critical problem that may cause the destruction of penguin colony, how they identify the problem and how they solved the problem. This book is easiest to read (among the books I have read so far) and also very informative. The best part in this story is characters in this story are like people and also we can identify them among our society and organizations .In our real life, organizations also we can find lots of Fred’s, Alice’s, and NoNo’s.Apart from the gripping story, it has a strong message.
PS: Penguins were never seen cool like this before

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