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2009 Election Manifesto – Some thoughts

                  Everyone is looking forward to election with much hope and expectations as usual. But the manifesto of the regional parties (who are undoubtedly strong member in decision making of major issues) of election 09 offers big disappointment. In fact it offers nothing beneficial to civilians in rural areas. Most of the parties are trying to brainwash the common man by offering free bicycle, color TV etc and cleverly covering up the basic needs like education, healthcare, empowerment and development of rural areas. Instead of giving free color TV, cable connection, and bicycle why can’t they try to improve the standard of education in rural areas, improve the health care and try to improve the job availability. By doing this standard of rural areas will definitely improve and also can reduce corruption and get over the social evils. Another big let down is offering cash for vote. poor people are voting for those who give cash to them  without thinking that they are goanna suffer for next five years under these idiots and nothing better is going to happen in there life for next five years. No wonder most of the political parties are not bothered about improving the education in rural areas. By doing this people will remain illiterate and they will clap hands and support most of the nonsense’s said and done by these leaders and also they can lute the public property easily.Anyways it is our duty to select the best person without.

No Hinglish , no computer — what an idea sirji

            It was shocking to see mulayam’s election manifesto. He told like if he comes to power, he will ban computer and English. Don’t know what prompt him to say like that. I feel like , he want to take India to  take stone age by doing these .Before ,VHP and bajrangdal were trying to talibanise India. Now mulayam joined them. I feel like, whether our politicians want to improve the standard and work for the development of the country or take our country to Stone Age. Before deciding the manifesto did the mulayam think even a minute that without knowledge in computer and English how the millions of students passed out from different colleges all over the country find job? There is no doubt that computerization in government offices and other areas helped to reduce corruption and it also helped to speed up the may other basic stuffs of common man. If he is genuinely against computerization, then why he is maintaining a website for his party ( ) and if he is against English , then why did he publish the articles in his website in English?(website have got an option to browse in Hindi or English).  Priyanka Gandhi properly replied to mulayams comedy by saying “who so ever made this manifesto, doesn’t seems serious”.

                             Anyways let’s hope we will be sending only the best peoples despite his cast color, religion to parliament and they will be leading  our great country to more development 


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