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Mumma, my back is hurting!!!

The month of June always brings colorful memories for me (of my childhood days). The monsoon, new school uniform, wet umbrella, fragrance of cool breeze, cloudy sky etc (here in Chennai I’m missing the later parts) .It is so delightful to see small kids (mostly crying babies, coz they remind my nursery days) going to school carrying bags and umbrellas. So when my cousin sister asked to take her kid 2 school on opening day, without thinking twice I agreed. But when I saw my kuttus (he is in 1st standard) bag ‘gage’, I was about to faint. He is barely 20kg and he was carrying 3-4 kg bag and lunch box. When I was waiting in the school compound I have seen a few heartbreaking scenes. Like coz of unable to carry her bag one girl were crying and another small boy who fell down over his bag in front of me. Seems first day, they have to bring all there books, keep some in school and can take it back every fortnight. But still…

 Already doctors explained the health hazards of carrying these heavy bags at this young age. It will cause physical as well as psychological scars for the child (now a days most of the kids are suffering from lower back pain). At my nephew’s case, he has got 5-6 books per subject including text book, notebook, test paper, exercise book etc. In some cases they will get fed up with this and lose interest in studies. I’m not saying we should go back to education of 1950’s or something like that. We should give the best education for our wards. Like a Childs brain will start growing at the age of five (according to my knowledge, if I’m wrong please correct me).So that we have to make him think properly and also we have to provide best resources to train them through the best way. Is that means giving 20-25 books and force him\her to mug up everything? As I said in my previous post, we have to implement a lot of innovations in or education field. I feel that it is high time to change our notebook\textbook style education. Instead of forcing him to study for examination and score 90+% marks, we should motivate them to think creatively and innovatively. Like let him understand what his\her teacher teaches them and ask them to write what they got in a piece of paper(what ever it is) and later the mentor correct it and let the kid to take his paper to home and file it (keep a separate file for each subject ).Don’t you think its a good idea. Another suggestion is we can provide a laptop to them (probably kids above 5th standard and make sure he\she can’t play any games or watch cartoons); Load all the text books in the system and let him type the notes in the system. I don’t know whether all these things are good alternative or not.

  If schools don’t want to change and wanna follow traditional way, then at least provide locker facility for everyone, so that they can keep there book over there and take it back on weekends. Apart from education encourage them to enroll themselves in co curricular activities like music, arts, sports, drawing etc. Come on, we r not sending our children to school to train them to be porters, when they grow up.


June 19, 2009 at 11:15 pm 23 comments

Buckle up Indians and Chinese are coming

US President Barack Obama exhorted to Americans that to buckle up as the Indians and Chinese are catching them fast. He commented like students of India and china are performing better in Science –Technology compared to American students and he also added ,compared to American students Indian, Chinese students spend much time in classrooms instead of playing video games and watching TV.

Yeahh Obama is right; we have got the smartest students, world famous institutions and smartest faculties and facilities. Indians are spread all over the world and excelling in all fields like healthcare, technology, teaching etc. Still do you think our education is best? What I feel is when it comes quality education; we have a long way to go. Our students are not getting opportunity to learn anything fully, to be clear we are giving more importance to theory (can I say useless?) rather than practical .So they don’t bother about important portions and just the day before exam they will just rush through the syllabus with the aim of securing a pass. The outcome is we have a lot of qualified (but unskilled) professionals.

What I feel is instead of focusing on 50 percent reservation , the government should work on improving our syllabus(from schools to colleges), give more importance to practical oriented syllabus in colleges and all the universities should make sure they appointed qualified faculties. And for professional courses, the universities should make sure, there faculties posses minimum 5 year of relevant industry experience (This is the saddest part with most of our colleges. Inefficient staffs, and there only aim is to somehow finish of the syllabus but not train the students properly).

Our students are the best and smartest in the world. We have got better infrastructure also. The problem lies in molding .If they get proper exposure and molding,then they will shine in any fields and any where in the world

June 12, 2009 at 9:05 pm 21 comments

Racist Attacks on Indians in Australia

The recent attacks on Indian students happening in Australia are so sad and disturbing to the Indian student communities in Australia  .It was so disturbing, the sight of sravan Kumar, one of the student attacked by a group of Australians last week in Australia. This is also not a good news for all those who are preparing to go to Australia.Now a days Australia is the hottest destination of higher studies compared to us and uk. And also Australian universities are contesting each other to woo Indian students. If they can’t ensure the safety and security of students who left there family and spend a hefty money, then why are they trying to attract International students. if they won’t take immediate action against this and make sure these kind of incidents won’t happen in future, then parents will think twice before they sending  there wards to Australia for higher studies(or will be blacklisted by them). We don’t know whether it is racial attacks or not. If it is racial attacks, then it should be handled properly and responsible persons should be punished properly. It is so happy to hear government acted fast by calling Australian high commissioner and PM to pass our concern about the same and asked them to take immediate action to restore the confidence.

The major advantage of foreign universities is the quality of education and global exposure. Now day’s Indian institutions like XLRI, IIM, and SP Jain can compete with any of the top universities in the world. I guess they are sending there students to Europe and other countries for three months (so they are getting global exposure also).What i feel is Our country should come up with more top class Institutes like IIM, SP Jain,XLRI,FMS and all. So that our students can avail similar opportunity in India on a reasonable fees and can study without worrying about any racist problem and all.

May 30, 2009 at 1:50 pm 40 comments

Do we need sex education in our schools ?

                             It’s been a long time I want to write something about sex education India. But somehow I forget it. But after reading smitha’s and Indian homemakers post and also after reading this article , I got enough motivation to write about my views about the same in my blog.

                       Last month a parliamentary committee stated that inclusion of sex education and related topics in biology chapters before +2 should be avoided. The committee also said that “Students should also be made aware that child marriage is illegal and is injuries to the health of girl child. They should also be educated that consensual sex below 16 years of age amounts to rape”. So my question is if the children won’t get the appropriate information about the same from proper medium (I guess it is school because many of the parents are so conservative and they may not be simply comfortable to discuss these topic with there kids).If they won’t get the information from proper channel, then probably they will depend on half baked and exaggerated information from friends, pornography or from some stinky/sleazy magazine.

                    We can’t blame them for this because at the age of 12-14 most of the kids will be curious about everything and this  curiosity  may lead those innocent ones to dangerous pits like getting wrong information’s from wrong sources and also sometimes it will be  end up making themselves another victim of a child abuse or something like that. I already told in my previous post about the troubles caused by uneducated ministers. Did anybody think for a moment why in our country so much child abusing happening. I have read in some article (guess in Indian today) that a good percentage of children are sexually abused before 15(most of them are abused by there close ones).why it is happening to our kids? At younger level it is up to there parents to teach there kids about the importance of body and all. The parents also teach them to say NO to anyone, if they touch them or talk to them in an uncomfortable and unusual way .In most of the cases poor innocent kids don’t know what is happening to them until everything got over. If we give proper education to kids, we can reduce child abuse to a big extend.

                        Another thing is like now day’s kids are very fast. They have proper access to learn everything. They are getting access to what they suppose to know and what they not suppose to know at there age. In this cyber world, it is not just techies who is depended on sites like google 2 get information.Itz not a big thing that 10 year old kid is also googling for information now a days. So just imagine out of curiosity if he searches for those terms in net, what results he will get in web? (I know I don’t have to explain that here).Just think about it and how his innocent mind will be poisoned? 

                    That’s why I’m suggesting proper education should be given to kids about sex, child abuse, pregnancy, STD’s like HIV/AIDS, Physical and Mental Development in Adolescents(many children are confused about it and they don’t know to whom these things will be asked) etc. The parents also can help them to learn all essential things in a sensible way (if they don’t want there kids to get stinking ideas from wrong sources) and if they are uncomfortable, they can handover some healthy books or magazines to them or ask some of there matured sibling’s or cousin’s to explain these things in a sensible and respectable way

                                              What I’m trying to say here is just make them aware the essential things in a healthy and sensible way, (not glorifying PMS and all).So that we can avoid them going to wrong sources to get wrong information and also can prevent them getting abused (when they get enough information, they will seldom encourage ‘abusers’ or protest against them from doing so or will tell there parents about it).So do we need our kids, siblings to learn things from proper resource?. What do you think ……………………

May 13, 2009 at 12:15 pm 7 comments


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