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Atithi Devo Bhava ???

All over the world we Indians are known for our hospitality. We were taught the golden verse ‘Atithi Devo Bhava’ in our childhood itself. But after hearing certain incidents frequently, I feel it seems our age old principle\value is only applicable for our friends\relatives who is visiting our house. The attacks on our foreign guests, weak minorities made me think about this. Though our Medias are busy condemning, accusing Australian attack on Indians, unfortunately they ignored\sidelined most of the attacks towards the foreign tourists in Goa (a major tourist hub of India) and other parts of India. Last week a 9 year old Russian girl molested by a couple of domestic tourists. It was such a disgusting incident. I just don’t understand what made those creatures to be aroused by a small kid. Last year another case registered against a high profile politician.

It is unfortunate to hear that not only tourists but also foreign NGO activists also assaulted. Many of these foreign NGO activists are in there early twenty’s (one main thing to be noted). When we enjoy our life in pubs, cinemas, with friends, tours or whatever; these people are working on our slums, orphanages, rescue peoples from brothels and child laborers\beggars(when we don’t even bothered about these underprivileged peoples) . Do they deserve something better? Even though we don’t honor them, don’t we have responsibility to offer them a safe life? When we behave like in this manner to our guest, can we expect a better hospitality from there country (Forget about the income we are receiving through tourism).I am against the attack towards Indians in abroad (though there is few reasons behind these attack in Australia which our media dutifully ignoring).But before slamming down, protest against these attacks don’t we have a responsibility to ensure safety and better hospitality for our guests.It is better to pay attention to the plank in our own eye before looking at the speck of sawdust in our neighbor’s eye (verse courtesy – Mathew 7:3).


February 1, 2010 at 12:18 pm 57 comments

Moral or immoral ?????????

If a male and female stay in a house \room\office for few hours together. Then is that considered as immoral traffic? If it is yes then many of us can’t even count how many times we did this ‘immoral’. The recent controversy\hot news at Kerala prompts me to think about this. Though the police arrested them(AICC member raj mohan unnithan and the lady, who is a Seva Dal worker) under the charges of immoral trafficking, even after almost two weeks neither the medical report nor the officials confirm they did it. Past few days, some newspapers and channels were literally ‘celebrating’ this ‘hot news’ and flashing the snaps and videos of accused frequently. Some media even didn’t show the basic decency for blurring the accused lady’s image, before showing it out to public. I’m neither a supporter of Rajmohan Unnithan nor trying to support him or trying to glorify immoral trafficking. But my question is if they come out with a clean chit later, who will pay for the mental trauma they faced. Will these so called Medias restore the honour of that lady??? .I don’t know. It is a sad fact that, for the sake of TRP’s and cheap publicity our Medias are mindlessly and ‘creatively’ deforming the news. Yesterday I read an article that cpm made him a scapegoat for curbing the rising popularity of congress in Kerala (anyways that is a big joke).So my question is in the court if they admit that they had consensual sex, then what is going to happen? (As both of them are not minors, I guess court will send them free).Such a wastage of time and energy. These so called Medias could have used that time for airing something better. I’m against all sex tourism\trade, sex trafficking, high tech prostitution and all. Yeah for forming a good culture, better society it is the duty of media(not only media but also officials , civilians etc) to expose it and curb it from the root .But that doesn’t mean to go after some silly cheap news and deform it and feed them with unnecessary masalas and wasting there precious time .Don’t know what to say

January 4, 2010 at 10:58 pm 31 comments

Buckle up Indians and Chinese are coming

US President Barack Obama exhorted to Americans that to buckle up as the Indians and Chinese are catching them fast. He commented like students of India and china are performing better in Science –Technology compared to American students and he also added ,compared to American students Indian, Chinese students spend much time in classrooms instead of playing video games and watching TV.

Yeahh Obama is right; we have got the smartest students, world famous institutions and smartest faculties and facilities. Indians are spread all over the world and excelling in all fields like healthcare, technology, teaching etc. Still do you think our education is best? What I feel is when it comes quality education; we have a long way to go. Our students are not getting opportunity to learn anything fully, to be clear we are giving more importance to theory (can I say useless?) rather than practical .So they don’t bother about important portions and just the day before exam they will just rush through the syllabus with the aim of securing a pass. The outcome is we have a lot of qualified (but unskilled) professionals.

What I feel is instead of focusing on 50 percent reservation , the government should work on improving our syllabus(from schools to colleges), give more importance to practical oriented syllabus in colleges and all the universities should make sure they appointed qualified faculties. And for professional courses, the universities should make sure, there faculties posses minimum 5 year of relevant industry experience (This is the saddest part with most of our colleges. Inefficient staffs, and there only aim is to somehow finish of the syllabus but not train the students properly).

Our students are the best and smartest in the world. We have got better infrastructure also. The problem lies in molding .If they get proper exposure and molding,then they will shine in any fields and any where in the world

June 12, 2009 at 9:05 pm 21 comments

Singh is King – Indian Election 2009 Verdict

                  Finally the verdict of most anticipated (and probably most sensible election after 1977) has come. The congress lead upa did it again. Anyways it is so good to see at least one party got the majority to lead the nation. As Mr Sharad pawar said, a stable government was the need of the hour in these times of global recession and there should be no problem in formation of a stable government. In this present scenario of global meltdown and all, a co alliance government will do rather harm than good. And lets hope this time chota party’s willn’t remain stubborn in sensitive and important matters to gain political mileage.  Last year communist’s stand on nuclear deal, dmk’s stubbornness in Lankan issue troubled the government a lot.

                                 The credit of UPA’s victory clearly goes to the stable and dynamic leadership of sonia gandhi,Manmohan Singh and Rahul gandhi.As AICC General Secretary Janardan Dwivedi told reporters in New Delhi, there were three decisive factors for party’s good performance – leadership of the government by the Prime Minister, leadership of UPA by Sonia Gandhi and leadership of campaign by Rahul. Let’s hope Rahul Gandhi will be dynamic in future also and he will take India to a new height. Another thing that makes me happy is BJP’s defeat. Finally the citizens of India taught them that we are against communal division .They got the price for brutalization of nuns and minorities in orissa and Karnataka and also ‘varun Gandhi’s hatred speech‘ incidents. And the left also got a strong verdict against there anti development and stupid policies. The people taught clowns like jayalalitha,prkash karat,pinarayi vijayan,mulayam that there are no more the pawns in there political game.

                          This election clearly shows the voice of youth also. We were urging for a youthful leadership and rahul Gandhi filled that gap. One major merit of this election is prominent personalities like Shashi Tharoor,Dayanidhi Maran,Rahul gandhi,chidambaram got elected. It is damp sure that they will take major responsibility  in the government under the dynamic leadership of Manmohan singh .So far India were lacking dynamic and youthful leaders like them. Lets hope under there leadership, India will move to a new height and our economic, social, health and educational condition will improve. So that by 2020, millions of NRI’s working in foreign country’s can come back and excel here.

I guess this election verdict is an answer given by common man for the following factors

1. The dream of some regional leaders, like if they get 20-30 seats and dominate in individual states, they can be the prime minister or assistant prime minister (e.g.: Mayavathi, jayalaitha, mulayam)

2. The anti minority, communal policies of BJP\RSS. (The people got fed up with incidents like brutalization of nuns and innocent ones in Orissa, recent attacks in Karnata/Manglore by self claimed moral polices of BJP\RSS,Malegaon Blasts stand, hatred speeches

3. Anti development policies of CPM. Communist party is a group of grand fathers  and they still think they are living in 70’s.They don’t bothered about, what people feel and all. They always think what they do is right and will get support from people for                         that. Finally the people taught a big lesson to karat (for anti                  development policies), pinarayi (for lavlin and his arrogant nature),bardan, mayavathi etc

4.      Unnecessary politicize of Lankan issue Instead of focusing on the growth and internal       problems of our country, the people who tried to gain mileage by focusing on a country’s internal affairs (that to by supporting a internationally banned group) got an answer.

                Congress got there fruit for good and efficient leadership of manmohan singh(with the ample support of sonia and others), hard work and efforts of Rahul Gandhi  for reaching  common man and there unity and joining with right regional aligns (like DMK,TC,NC,NF).

                           I guess overall it is a vote for secularism and secularist ideology. Lets hope in this period of global meltdown and all, new government will take our country to new height 

Trivia: when Shsashi taroor were campaigning in trivandrum, LDF slammed him that he is a American supporter and if he win, then he will Americanise Kerala. For that he answered if Bush would have been supported me, then I would have been sitting in America now (America voted against him for UN General Secretary election)

May 16, 2009 at 4:56 pm 11 comments

2009 Election Manifesto – Some thoughts

                  Everyone is looking forward to election with much hope and expectations as usual. But the manifesto of the regional parties (who are undoubtedly strong member in decision making of major issues) of election 09 offers big disappointment. In fact it offers nothing beneficial to civilians in rural areas. Most of the parties are trying to brainwash the common man by offering free bicycle, color TV etc and cleverly covering up the basic needs like education, healthcare, empowerment and development of rural areas. Instead of giving free color TV, cable connection, and bicycle why can’t they try to improve the standard of education in rural areas, improve the health care and try to improve the job availability. By doing this standard of rural areas will definitely improve and also can reduce corruption and get over the social evils. Another big let down is offering cash for vote. poor people are voting for those who give cash to them  without thinking that they are goanna suffer for next five years under these idiots and nothing better is going to happen in there life for next five years. No wonder most of the political parties are not bothered about improving the education in rural areas. By doing this people will remain illiterate and they will clap hands and support most of the nonsense’s said and done by these leaders and also they can lute the public property easily.Anyways it is our duty to select the best person without.

No Hinglish , no computer — what an idea sirji

            It was shocking to see mulayam’s election manifesto. He told like if he comes to power, he will ban computer and English. Don’t know what prompt him to say like that. I feel like , he want to take India to  take stone age by doing these .Before ,VHP and bajrangdal were trying to talibanise India. Now mulayam joined them. I feel like, whether our politicians want to improve the standard and work for the development of the country or take our country to Stone Age. Before deciding the manifesto did the mulayam think even a minute that without knowledge in computer and English how the millions of students passed out from different colleges all over the country find job? There is no doubt that computerization in government offices and other areas helped to reduce corruption and it also helped to speed up the may other basic stuffs of common man. If he is genuinely against computerization, then why he is maintaining a website for his party ( ) and if he is against English , then why did he publish the articles in his website in English?(website have got an option to browse in Hindi or English).  Priyanka Gandhi properly replied to mulayams comedy by saying “who so ever made this manifesto, doesn’t seems serious”.

                             Anyways let’s hope we will be sending only the best peoples despite his cast color, religion to parliament and they will be leading  our great country to more development 

April 21, 2009 at 10:46 pm 3 comments

Another politilcal stunt–Varun ghandhi Election Campaign Controversy

        It was so disappointing to hear varun ghandhi’s comment at a meeting in dalchant(Like “If somebody lifts a hand against Hindus, or thinks they are weak, there is nobody behind them, then I swear on the bhagavat ghita that I will cut off that hand”).As a young  leader and as he hailed frm ghandhi-nehru family nation had a big hope in him.Being a alumini of London School of Economics  and great grandson of nehru, he made a mockery of himself by this unnesary controversy and comment.Anyways itz pretty clear that it was a political stunt by him.He beacame a overnight star after that incident.In all news channels , newspapers were busy with his news and debates abt it.But he proved , he is a coward and a whacky politician by saying tht , the CD was doctored.If he told something in front of the public, that he strongly believe,then he should have strongly adhered to that

                     Anyways it was very disaapointing tht such a promising and aspiring young politician like varun told this.May let us wish his mentors correct him , so that  he will not come up with such controversial and useless  matters in future and he will be a promising and dynamic leader like his family members in future.


edited on 30-03-09

PS :  No matter if we r Hindu, Muslim or Christian, we all are made of blood and flesh. Then why should we let the politicians or who ever separate us each other and fight in the name of religion. Does that make any sense? .And do we need to support those leaders who create split among the people and make them fight in the name of religion and cast?

March 27, 2009 at 12:27 pm 4 comments

Child Beggars – The real Slum Dogs

Dial 1098 when next time you see a child begging(if you are in delhi) and so that could help rescue him or her.

Continue Reading February 27, 2009 at 5:02 pm 4 comments

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