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Atithi Devo Bhava ???

All over the world we Indians are known for our hospitality. We were taught the golden verse ‘Atithi Devo Bhava’ in our childhood itself. But after hearing certain incidents frequently, I feel it seems our age old principle\value is only applicable for our friends\relatives who is visiting our house. The attacks on our foreign guests, weak minorities made me think about this. Though our Medias are busy condemning, accusing Australian attack on Indians, unfortunately they ignored\sidelined most of the attacks towards the foreign tourists in Goa (a major tourist hub of India) and other parts of India. Last week a 9 year old Russian girl molested by a couple of domestic tourists. It was such a disgusting incident. I just don’t understand what made those creatures to be aroused by a small kid. Last year another case registered against a high profile politician.

It is unfortunate to hear that not only tourists but also foreign NGO activists also assaulted. Many of these foreign NGO activists are in there early twenty’s (one main thing to be noted). When we enjoy our life in pubs, cinemas, with friends, tours or whatever; these people are working on our slums, orphanages, rescue peoples from brothels and child laborers\beggars(when we don’t even bothered about these underprivileged peoples) . Do they deserve something better? Even though we don’t honor them, don’t we have responsibility to offer them a safe life? When we behave like in this manner to our guest, can we expect a better hospitality from there country (Forget about the income we are receiving through tourism).I am against the attack towards Indians in abroad (though there is few reasons behind these attack in Australia which our media dutifully ignoring).But before slamming down, protest against these attacks don’t we have a responsibility to ensure safety and better hospitality for our guests.It is better to pay attention to the plank in our own eye before looking at the speck of sawdust in our neighbor’s eye (verse courtesy – Mathew 7:3).


February 1, 2010 at 12:18 pm 57 comments

Are You Funding Terrorism

Hi Dhidhi , I brought three good movies from Burma bazaar on Sunday. Saritha(she is my colleague) posed for a moment and told me, “anish you know something ,Actually pirated cd’s are distributed by terrorist’s and it is one of the major source of income for them, Last week I have seen a documentary in Discovery channel. In that they explained the fund sources of Terrorist. Among that pirated DVDs are a major one. So by buying that you are literally funding them”. When I heard I got shocked because it was  new information for me. Even though I’m not a movie junky, I used get pirated cd from Burma bazaar occasionally because they give best DVD’s for cheap rate like 20-30 rupees and all(Some times you will get the movie before that released in India). And same time if we go to planetM or music world we have to spend minimum 200 bucks for a good English movie. So in fact I didn’t want to believe that, but anyways I googled about it. The result was shocking. What I read was more than saritha told me.

 The movie\music pirates have strong links with the terrorist organizations .The money raised from pirated movie\music cd\ DVD is going to secret funding of organizations like the LTTE, AL QUIDA, and Lashqar -ie-toiba etc. In one of the article I read that film piracy can be even more profitable than drug trafficking or other enterprises commonly linked to organized crime. Because compared to drugs and smuggling, manufacturing and distribution of pirated DVD’s are easy and safe. The reports says a pirated DVD made in Malaysia for 70 cents is marked up more than 1,000% and sold in London for about $9. “The profit margin is more than three times higher than the mark-up for Iranian heroin and higher than the profit from Columbian cocaine,” the report says.

So it is time for us to take a decision like, do we need to support another Mumbai 26\11 or Bangalore bomb blast. Now a day’s company’s like Moser Baer, Eros started selling DVD’s at a cheap rate like why can’t we buy those original cd’s instead of  sponsoring our own destruction.think about it………

edited on 29-may

  some articles i found online about the same topic

PS : We have to raise awarness about this because it is not a  silly issue that we can ignore just like that

May 24, 2009 at 9:53 pm 6 comments

Another politilcal stunt–Varun ghandhi Election Campaign Controversy

        It was so disappointing to hear varun ghandhi’s comment at a meeting in dalchant(Like “If somebody lifts a hand against Hindus, or thinks they are weak, there is nobody behind them, then I swear on the bhagavat ghita that I will cut off that hand”).As a young  leader and as he hailed frm ghandhi-nehru family nation had a big hope in him.Being a alumini of London School of Economics  and great grandson of nehru, he made a mockery of himself by this unnesary controversy and comment.Anyways itz pretty clear that it was a political stunt by him.He beacame a overnight star after that incident.In all news channels , newspapers were busy with his news and debates abt it.But he proved , he is a coward and a whacky politician by saying tht , the CD was doctored.If he told something in front of the public, that he strongly believe,then he should have strongly adhered to that

                     Anyways it was very disaapointing tht such a promising and aspiring young politician like varun told this.May let us wish his mentors correct him , so that  he will not come up with such controversial and useless  matters in future and he will be a promising and dynamic leader like his family members in future.


edited on 30-03-09

PS :  No matter if we r Hindu, Muslim or Christian, we all are made of blood and flesh. Then why should we let the politicians or who ever separate us each other and fight in the name of religion. Does that make any sense? .And do we need to support those leaders who create split among the people and make them fight in the name of religion and cast?

March 27, 2009 at 12:27 pm 4 comments


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