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Mera number kab aayega :(

Me: Helu she: Hi anish did u get, who is this?
Well this is the one sentence I hate to the core in a telephonic conversation.
Me: well sruthy? , hmmm neena, wait a second….. Nancy right????
She: ohh u remembers all Jessica, Monica. Can’t U recognize this good friend of yours, huh? This is teena, U fool
Me: oops itz U girl, looong time…what you are doing now days…..
Teena: it is okay anish, just pulling your legs. Hey listen; I’m landing India on next week. And also I’m planning to go to Chennai and spend a couple of days over there with my cousins. Between is it possible to meet, you guys
Me: why not, love to see U again
Teena: cool, I will call u once I reach there. By the time U tell others about the same and plan something

Well teena was my batch mate and a good friend of mine. Of course she was my, another short-term crush in the college .she is good looking, smart, sensible, studious and a spiritual girl. Though she had a lot of secret admires in my batch, no one showed any guts to propose her coz everyone was sure she were not interested in all that
I was so happy when I received her call and was so excited about meeting her again. Though these days I’m irritated with these question repeatedly from lot of ‘well wishers’ like “so when u getting finally hooked up?” and the same answer I give to every one “too young to get married now, so probably after 3 years”. After her call and day dreams, accidentally I recalled this family friend’s comment about my answer, like “that is our point, start looking now itself dude, so that you can find a good one and get married when the time come”. So I thought like “y not her, she is smart, sensible etc…. yeah she is the perfect one for me”. I told to myself “there is nothing wrong in telling my ‘dil ki baat’ to her”. So I decided to go ahead. I called up our mutual and told about the get together. So we all decided to meet up at CCD first at 4:30 and plan what to do after that over there. Then I called her up and asked her to be at CCD by 4

We both reached the spot almost at the same time .I felt like, running towards her and give her a big hug. But I just controlled myself and instead I just blew a flying kiss to her. She just smiled at me and then we sat face to face at CCD and started talking.

Me:girl U looks gorgeous, how you have been.
T: ohh really thank u…..I’m doing great as usual. Between, you too look great

The conversation were going great…..I told to myself “dude this is the ideal time, tell those three magical words to her. Don’t loose the chance”. When I was about to propose her she told me with a sweet smile
T: u didn’t ask, y I came to India and now Chennai to meet u all
Me: why?
T: (in a very excited tone): heyy, dude can u believe this. I am getting married!!!
After hearing this I started laughing like anything and I told her
Me: Teena, I can’t believe this, why it is always happens to me
T: see see, I told U na …excuse me, what is with the last sentence??
Me: not that dear, I was about to propose u now. Goodness u told that before, else everything would have been fing fing
T: Dude are you serious, I can’t believe this. I thought you were not interested in this love lup and all. Between, why me? She grinned at me
Me: I had a small crush on you when we were in college and anyway after some time I have to get hooked up with some one na .So I thought, it will be nice to have a nice girl like U …..
T: hmm interesting, I thought you guys were not interested in me in that way when we were in college. And I guess I might have been a little reserved over there.
Me: no no, the fact is so many guys had crush on you. But as they don’t wanna spoil the friendship with you, they didn’t go ahead.
T: ohhh really… Okay forget about others, though u had a crush on me, why didn’t you propose me that time. I guess we were pretty close friends since first year
Me: Hey I was not desperate at that time and also I thought that would make you upset. Ok forget it, if in case I proposed you, what reply, you would have given to me?
Me: Hey I was not desperate at that time and also I thought, that would make you upset ok forget it, If in case I proposed you, what reply, you would have given to me?
T: idiot, why in case, you should have proposed me….OMG I missed so much fun…Ok ok, jokes apart…anish you know me very well right. I’m my parent’s daughter. You know, I never used to take any personal decisions in my life. What ever is my parents decision I will obey that and so far they gave me the best in everything. That’s all about that. thatz it
Me: ok ok I was just kidding, forget about that. Anyways we both had some fun moments. That’s more than enough. Between congrats for getting hooked up
T: thanks anish actually I’m so excited, you know he is my childhood friend. I’m gonna tell this to him, when he call me. Between this is fun time for you guys. Instead of getting committed to one girl at this time, move around everyone and have fun. And at the same time always keep this in mind “GOD is good to those who love him”

By the time our friends came and we shared this to them and everyone had a good laugh. Though I cooked up all these for fun, we had really very good time (I never expected that twist).Anyways teenz, I wish much happiness to you and your darling husband. May God bless you both? And I’m so happy to have such a wonderful friend like you.

P.S: Between why this is always happens to me. Though for fun or real, this is the third time same thing happened to me.

October 3, 2009 at 9:29 pm 29 comments

My First ‘love Letter’

Hey Anish… do u remember me“, a tall pretty lady move towards me with a sweet smile and asked me, while I was standing outside the church, after Sunday mass. I didn’t get her at the moment. So I just stared at her with a surprised look and asked “sorry, I got a poor memory, k’niyan?”(My college name). She giggled at me and told “c’mon dude, how can you forget me? This is neenu yar, your 12th batch mate”. I couldn’t believe my ears and told her,” Gosh it’s you girl, you changed a lot, looks more pretty”. “Hmmm pazhaya number onnum kalnagittila alle” she winked at me and told. We had a chat for few minutes (we met almost after 6 years) and then she called her husband for introducing him to me.

For a moment I went back to my +2 school days. Those days were the golden period of my life for lot of reasons (strikes, bunking class and going for movies, moving around junior girls in the name of ragging(harmless) and used do almost all kinda tharikida(‘illegal) activities'(except studies)). That time I had a big crush on a girl of my batch. As she was one of the smart and studious girls of my batch, I was looking for a right opportunity to approach her. So I was trying to make a good impression in front of her, by posing and acting as a very nice fellow in front of her and her friends, by studying well, ignoring other girls (when ever she and her friends around me),attending college prayer meeting regularly etc. After some time, i started feel boring coz I was missing all the fun

As the days were passing like that, one day one of her classmate, vipin approached my friend, Vishnu to help him to give a love letter for his crush (who happened to be Vishnu’s neighbor).Though Vishnu didn’t agree to help him initially, I convinced him to go ahead and also promised him to help him (actually I was bored with this nice guy image and also I thought these kinda experiences will help me, when my turn comes). So during last hour of our class, we started the plan and after a few minutes of discussion, we came up with the final plan “Like to approach her at the deserted lane parallel to the main road and present the matter to her, so that no one will see us……”.after telling this to vipin he told us “Killer idea dude, you guys are born criminals”, then in a weird tone he told us “aliya ente bhavi ningulade kaiyila”(my future’s in your hands).We assured him that we will take care of everything. After the closing bell rang, we started following her (as our college/school was in a small and beautiful hill, we have to walk almost 1 kilometer to reach the town). We almost approached her twice, but as the place where crowded we backed off (by the time we got butterflies in our stomach) and after some time she also understood that we were following her and she started looking at us occasionally while walking. After almost10 minutes and as we were close to the lane, our knees literally started shaking (as we are not familiar with these stuffs) and vipin backed off by saying “dude this is my area and many peoples know me here, if anyone catch me, then I’m finished, so you go ahead if you have guts”. I decided to give it to her at the lane as per plan. Vipin gave me the sign that she is coming and he moved to the other side of the road. Finally the much awaited moment came, she came near to the lane and I approached her and asked “You are neenu right” she: “ya” .“well, Vishnu asked me to give you this letter” I managed to tell her (I still don’t know from where I got guts to asked her that (though we did lot of planning, actually that was her area and also my dad’s office was hardly 1km away from that spot. if anyone caught me, I can’t even imagine about that now). She become frightened and her face turned pale, she told me like “dude, are you nuts? I don’t want it, I’m scared” and speeded up from the spot. By the time I lost all the guts and my heart started beating like jazz drums, I told her okay and started looking for my friend (but he already escaped from there).When I turned back I found a few guys moving towards me, from a short distance. Immediately I flew from that spot and caught the next bus to my home.

Later Vishnu told me that, those guys were her brother and his friends and also happened to be Vishnu’s friends and neighbors. They caught Vishnu, but he managed to handle the situation and convinced them that it was just a normal talk, they reluctantly believed him. That was the first and last time I talked to her (and also happened to be my first and last ‘love letter’, that I gave ‘by hand’ to anyone).Though I used to see her at campus and town, we used to just smile at each other sheepishly and move away. Vipin —— Next day she called up vipin to her class and told him “dude we are good friends right, if you want to tell something to me, don’t you have guts to tell me directly, why do you need a third person for that? , in between I’m not interested in this love, affair and all. We are kids, we came here to study right, so please don’t bother me again with these love letter, request and all. Hope you don’t mind that, let’s be good friends and also it is very hard to get good friends. Think about marriage and all when the time comes, okay”. Poor vipin nodded his head with out any expression.

Vineeth, this is anish, my 12th standard batch mate and anish meet my husband Vineeth” she told. “Ohh man, so you were the guy” he winked at me and asked. I looked at both of them and pretended to be clueless. Both of them started laughing and she told me that “anish, he knows everything ,hope you haven’t forget that love letter incident and also i showed him you, while you were standing here “.I sheepishly looked at both of them and told her “you still remember all that ahha !!!!“.Vineeth told me “common buddy it is okay, even I have done the worst things during my college and school days. We have to be a little mischievous during those times; else what is the fun in life, right?“. Later we chatted for a while, then went out and had lunch together. We had a nice time and we promised to be in touch with each other.

I guess the best time in our life is, during school and college days. When you look back, those little mischievous things you did in campus and hostels, harmless pranks played at others etc, are good enough to create some nostalgic memories. Especially when we see our old friends and talk about that

Trivia: Yesterday happened to see ‘Forgetting Sarah Marshall ‘ .A sweet movie. If you like, light hearted comic love stories, then don’t miss this one.

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Buddy, why did you do this?

Da you have got a call, my mom’s voice woke me up from a nap on that lazy afternoon. Dino: hello da this is dino, did U hear what happened, ajin suicide today morning

  I got shocked and didn’t believe my ears .He was one of the best students in my batch. Apart from his academic excellence, he was a gentleman, very spiritual and blessed with very loving parents and a brother. And also he got offer from HCL.I got angry at him, when I heard about his suicide. Even though it happened almost two years back, I still can’t forget the shock, anger and disappointment of his parent’s face. The worst part was, we didn’t get a clear idea, why he did it. We know he were in love with a girl and was going through some problems in there relationship (Only good thing he did was, he never told anyone, even to his close friends, who the girl was).Still this incident is a burning memory to all of us. And about his parents and brother, still they don’t have any idea why there son did this and haven’t recovered from the shock yet

  The main thing that back me from reading regional newspapers now a days, are increase in number of suicide among youngsters. The reason for most of them are love failure, exam pressure, scolding from parents or teachers. Now a day’s most of the kids are so sensitive. They can’t tolerate harsh words (even for valid reason) from parents. Last week I read that a 17 year old student suicide because there parents didn’t get a cell phone for him. And the reason behind another final year BDS student from trivandrum was, her teacher didn’t sign her lab record and scolded for something.

  I don’t know what to say about this and what to write about this. Before ending there life, why can’t they think about there loved ones for a moment or why can’t they share the problem with a close friend. Breaking up with a guy/girl or failing in an exam, is not the end of the life or world and also parents and teachers scolding us to correct us. Once they understand this and think about there loved ones for sometime before committing this, then they won’t feel like ending there precious life. I’m not sure, I think so

   Anyways life is precious gifts of almighty .We have to thank him for it because he didn’t create us as a snake or donkey. So that we don’t have right to kill ourselves .Ask god for the solution or deliverance from the problems that is torturing you. If you ask him honestly, then definitely he will answer you but you have to ask him. Thatz what I think and believe.


July 17, 2009 at 10:34 pm 18 comments

In the memmory of that “Passing the secret”

 When we were in 2nd year of our college, we have got this smart English sir, Mr. SS. SS is damp serious always. He has got an awesome talent to make us sleep with a five minute lecture (I’m not blaming him for that, syllabus was like that). But occasionally he used crack some standard jokes. He used to give lot of games and exercises in the class. My bench mates were my good friend and roomie MG (same smarty of my blood test case) and AT.MG was studied in one of the top school in Cochin and when I first met him, he was studious and literally a ‘broiler hen’ and I was the spoiled one. But by second year coz of his stay with me he becomes half spoiled and I become half decent.

 But AT, he studied in a convent school from coimbatore and also he were the nanna munna pyari baby of his parents and sister. He used lead worships, prayer meetings, literally he was an angel. But unfortunately he ended up in our gang. When he joined us in second year, I and MG took oath to make him also spoiled. Initially our main hobby were breaking our head by thinking “evenu engane oru pani kotukam’ (How to fool him in front of everyone, coz of this MG lost his concentration in studies and he lost his class toper position in internals also).                

 Finally we have got our much awaited moment. Mr. SS were taking ‘Effective Communication class’, and as usual most of us fallen asleep (except MG,he were busy taking notes). Suddenly he asked us to join a game called passing the secret(game was like he will call a person and tells him a secret, and he has to pass the secret to next person and he to his next and it should go on until the last person got the message). And we have to check whether the message is same or not (It has to do something with listening skill and all).So finally the game started the MG passed the secret to me, it was something like “Technical communication is useful not necessary for the capability of team play”, something like that. Before MG passed it, I just turned back and found Mr bengu (most crooked guy of my class) is sitting next to (next bench) Ms.CP (I mistaken that she is a arrogant gal, But later I understood that she is a nice girl).Suddenly mera dimag ki bati jala(My wicked brain worked).I used the opportunity to play prank at both of them properly. Like I changed the sentence to “Technical communication is useful but still I love you” and passed to AT and waited for the fun .Without any doubts, innocent AT passed it and finally it reached bengu.Bengu shamelessly passed it to CP. At first CP got shocked, but she started laughing like anything and she passed the message it next one. Every one started looking each other puzzled; I and MG exchanged the wicked smile

Finally Sir called up the last gal (Ms Sweetie) and asked her what was the message. Without any hesitation she told him “Sir, I love U” (my genius friends manipulated it again). All the class burst into laughing .He become speechless and gave a blazing look at her (I still can’t forget the expression on his face).She cleared him like “this is the message I got”. Suddenly SS came back to action and started asking each and everyone, “what you hear “.My heart started pounding like Sivamony beating drums and I thought I’m finished, started looking for a paper and pen to write apology letter. Suddenly he asked me what you hear and I answered him. Then he asked to AT he told “…….still I love you”. Suddenly he got angry and started scolding and cursing poor AT like anything (I still don’t know what happened and how I become innocent and AT  got caught, I guess he meant , what  message you passed).He was telling like, it was a nice game ,it was going gud so far, until some cultureless, senseless, idiotic,#$$%%^@#$$  manipulated it. Why he is coming to college etc etc…….all students were laughing at poor AG like anything even though most of them understood I’m the master brain behind all these. Initially I was also laughing (coz of big relief). But suddenly I found tears in his eyes. I felt so bad and that time only I understood how much I hurt him. I and MG tried to talk to him after the class and asked him to take it easy, but he didn’t tell anything. He has to lead the prayer service that (evening).Unfortunately I didn’t have guts to go and confess everything to sir that time. After that incident I never played prank at anyone like this.

 AT was a nice guy, he never complained about this thing to me, Even though I continued teasing him occasionally, he never spoke a word against me. By final year we become very close friends (probably my best) and we used stand for each other always.

 And about spoiled, I failed miserably because he had the Almighty’s presence in him, that was sufficient to save him from wicked peoples like me and he honestly tried to make me an angel like him (I don’t know how much he succeed in that, But I guess I’m far better now, thanks to his honest attempts)

 Okay, well today is my this  good friend’s birthday(AT’s) .Dear, I’m honestly apologizing about what happened that day and friends like you are a real treasure. Many many happy returns of the day dear may god shower loadz of blessings in the New Year. Love ya loadz dear


PS: OG   , Winnie and tintu  are responsible for this  post because they often make me nostalgic by there post about  college days.

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