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For Whom , For What

Zera : Bhaiya , Kahan Ja Rahe Hain
Me: hey zera, I’m going out with my friends to watch kurbaan
Zera : Ohh that movie…I hate those kinda movies…I mean Muslims, terrorism, anyways bye bhaiya ,have a nice time.
Me: Bye, see ya tonight

Zera (a smart, bubbly tenth standard student) is my neighbor. Later that night, I met her again with her friend sameer

Zera: bhaiya how was the movie.Sameer he saw kurbaan today
Me:Yeahh it was good
Sameer: I saw the trailer. From the trailer itself I almost understood the plot. It must be stupid one like other movies in similar genre.
Zera :yeahh first it was Fanahh ,then newyork now Kurbaan. Come-on all stupid movies
Sameer: Exactly zera, everyone is portraying us as bad people. As if we are born with a mark on our head that we are terrorists. So frustrating.

I didn’t want to take part in that conversation further, so I just told them bye and walked away. I couldn’t believe that this was the conversation between a 14 year old girl and 17 year old boy. I was surprised how much they were hurt (though they don’t even know what is life and haven’t experienced anything in there life) because of verbal, visual direct/ indirect attack towards a particular community just because of the stupidity of few extremists.
I was not interested in these kinds of topics and I never used to take part in debates, discussions that deals with religions, denominations and politics. But for some reason this incident made me think a lot. Because of the stupidity of few peoples (that too hardly 5 percentages) an entire community is suffering. I still can’t understand what is the aim behind these terrorism and riots and all. Though we are Christians, Hindus or Muslims we inhale same oxygen from same source, we need food and water to survive and also everyone is formed with blood and flesh .For whom we are fighting .I’m told and taught that all the religions teaches to love one another and don’t cause any harm to others. So I will say if anyone fight in the name of god or do harm to his other children’s, then they are not god’s children but devils loyal children.

Trivia: Few times back one of my friend told us a story that made us think and laugh a lot. His job demanded frequent flight journeys. To his surprise he and his baggages were always cross checked by officials (not only in airports but also in railway station).Later he mentioned this to a friend, who is a top official in police. After hearing this he started laughing hysterically and asked him to just shave his French beard. Surprisingly after he shaved his French beard off, not even a single official asked him for extra checking so far(it happened almost two years back) .The point to be noted was, he is a Christian and got a good achayan (Syrian Christian) name .But still, just because of a beard……


January 26, 2010 at 12:55 pm 35 comments

Some ‘kid’dish stories

Kids now days …..Omg, they are so fast.
I have a got a bunch of kutty friends (kids) in my apartment. They are too smart than, we can imagine (at least for me).How fast they get along with latest cell phones, computers, other electronic stuffs etc (once I had a tough time adding a birthday reminder to my cell phone, was checking it for almost 10 minutes, but this 8 year old chap found it out with in 2 minutes after a few key strokes), how fast they learn the logic behind PC games. Not to mention the ‘historic words and inventions’ coming from there mouth.

That day I was glad to see my five year old nephew (Once, this smarty dude demanded his parents like “he want a chechi (dhidhi) like actress trisha as his house maid, to take care of his day to day needs) at the door step, after coming from office. In fact he was waiting for his friend to come out to play, who is residing at the next door. To tease him I asked like “are you waiting for your girlfriend buddy”, you guys won’t believe what he told. He told me like “your girl is staring at you from there, man, why she is always talking to you (She is studying in just 9th standard, used play badminton with me occasionally and I used help her to clear her math’s doubts…… gosh kids listen everything 🙂 ).Anyways everyone present there had a nice laugh

Forget to tell, even I have got a six year old ‘girl friend’ (her name is anna) here 🙂 , who used give me company for weekend evening walks and who used to share her little fictional stories(superb ones in fairy story/fantasy genre).Once one of my close friend commented like “u will be jail if u consider her as ur GF”, but I never mind…she is a little angel :P…kidding. One day during a evening walk, suddenly she become serious like a 70 year old grand mother and anxiously asked me like “achacha(means bhaiya or brother) when will you get married?(she used to asked me this always).I tried to explain her like “molu I’m too young to get married, probably after 3-4 years I will do, and you will be standing with me carrying flower bouquet during the ceremony ,are you happy now?(It is a custom among Syrian Christians, like small kids will be accompanying bride-groom with fresh flowers)).She thought for a while and replied me “ohhh I understood, you are gonna marry neethu chichi, right(chechi means dhidhi or sister)” (neethu is my neighbor and a good friend of mine…gosh from where she got this controversial ideas 😀 ).For my goodness no one was present there, if anyone heard that….then I would have been finished by teasing… anyways I pretended like I didn’t hear what she said

Last but not the least, After the Sunday mass we were chatting outside the church, suddenly one of my family friend’s 9 year old kid rushed to his dad and commented like “dad, you have got only this ‘woman’ to get married, didn’t you have Eyes at that time” (this chap got angry coz his mom didn’t let him go to play). Poor guy, he is still teased by us, pointing this incident.

But anyways I love to spend time with kids and play with them. They are innocent and there minds are unpolluted. There presence will make you fresh and cool (even at the most tensed or heated situations). They have got the magic to make you cool with in minutes, yeahh kinda best stress busters.

August 4, 2009 at 10:00 pm 20 comments

Mumma, my back is hurting!!!

The month of June always brings colorful memories for me (of my childhood days). The monsoon, new school uniform, wet umbrella, fragrance of cool breeze, cloudy sky etc (here in Chennai I’m missing the later parts) .It is so delightful to see small kids (mostly crying babies, coz they remind my nursery days) going to school carrying bags and umbrellas. So when my cousin sister asked to take her kid 2 school on opening day, without thinking twice I agreed. But when I saw my kuttus (he is in 1st standard) bag ‘gage’, I was about to faint. He is barely 20kg and he was carrying 3-4 kg bag and lunch box. When I was waiting in the school compound I have seen a few heartbreaking scenes. Like coz of unable to carry her bag one girl were crying and another small boy who fell down over his bag in front of me. Seems first day, they have to bring all there books, keep some in school and can take it back every fortnight. But still…

 Already doctors explained the health hazards of carrying these heavy bags at this young age. It will cause physical as well as psychological scars for the child (now a days most of the kids are suffering from lower back pain). At my nephew’s case, he has got 5-6 books per subject including text book, notebook, test paper, exercise book etc. In some cases they will get fed up with this and lose interest in studies. I’m not saying we should go back to education of 1950’s or something like that. We should give the best education for our wards. Like a Childs brain will start growing at the age of five (according to my knowledge, if I’m wrong please correct me).So that we have to make him think properly and also we have to provide best resources to train them through the best way. Is that means giving 20-25 books and force him\her to mug up everything? As I said in my previous post, we have to implement a lot of innovations in or education field. I feel that it is high time to change our notebook\textbook style education. Instead of forcing him to study for examination and score 90+% marks, we should motivate them to think creatively and innovatively. Like let him understand what his\her teacher teaches them and ask them to write what they got in a piece of paper(what ever it is) and later the mentor correct it and let the kid to take his paper to home and file it (keep a separate file for each subject ).Don’t you think its a good idea. Another suggestion is we can provide a laptop to them (probably kids above 5th standard and make sure he\she can’t play any games or watch cartoons); Load all the text books in the system and let him type the notes in the system. I don’t know whether all these things are good alternative or not.

  If schools don’t want to change and wanna follow traditional way, then at least provide locker facility for everyone, so that they can keep there book over there and take it back on weekends. Apart from education encourage them to enroll themselves in co curricular activities like music, arts, sports, drawing etc. Come on, we r not sending our children to school to train them to be porters, when they grow up.

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