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Enna koduma saravanan idhu….

I’m doing my PG in Anna University through weekend classes. As most of my classmates are working professionals, we used to attend classes only for the sake of minimum attendance and most of us hardly know each other. One day I met this chap, who happened to be my classmate. We smiled and introduced ourselves to each other. Our conversation went like this

RajniHasan: Hi, I’m rajni hasan
Me: huh, nice name.
RajniHasan: Hahah, I know that
Me: what u do, you are working somewhere?
RH: I’m working with pata consultancy services
Me: ohh so you are pata’ian, cool

He nodded his head he smiled at me
This guy was wearing pata T-shirt, pata Bag, pata watch. After seeing his cell phone I felt like fainting. Like his cell phone wallpaper also was PCS logo

Me: Dude don’t you think this is too much, pata bag,cap,watch and also cell phone wallpaper. You love your company that much huh.
RH: yeah of course (he frowned at me).you know, we pata’s believe in team work, care for each other,support for each other (blahh blahh bleee….big list)
Me: you are a fresher right. I can read that from your excitement.
RH: yeah you guessed right. I joined PCS 3 days back as a fresher

At that moment I didn’t know whether I should bang my head or laugh out. I tried my best to hold my laugh. Anyways I decided to introduce him to my gang, as we badly need someone studious to copy the assignments and notes for exams. He asked me whether he can sit with me and I told okay
The ‘Managerial skill’ lectures was the first hour on that day. Our hero was sincerely listening to lecture and taking notes and at the other side I was ‘sincerely checking ‘out the girls at the corridor. RH was looking confused and disturbed

Me: What happened not understanding anything huh?
RH: Yeah man –beep—
lecture. Why can’t he explain the stuff in a simple manner?
Me: Don’t worry you want me to give you some books .So that you can study something useful.
RH: wow you got some books. I’m happy at least you are sincere here
Me: yeah exactly Rajni .we should use our time sensibly instead of wasting our time listening to these useless lectures
(I winked at him and told)
Then I open my bag and passed him a India today, Readers Digest and Hindu and asked him to take what ever he like.

I guess he really got pissed of me and next hour itself he went and sat in the front bench with a bunch of studious guys. Though he always used be with our gang, he never sat with any of us during lectures. I have seen so many ‘special’ guys in my life. But he was a one unbeatable guy. Actually I shared only 20 percentage of the incident here Hope he will be like this and committed to his company forever

P.S: Anyways at the end, I shared my assignments with him and I explained my notes to him for the exam.That is a different story


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Yet another story of ‘Household violence’

NOTE: This post is dedicated to all the cursed souls who are ‘tortured’ by there maids

While talking with my friend sometime back, he happened to told me about his maid. Before she joined them she demanded like – there should be colour TV with tata sky or BIG TV in the house, washing machine (she openly told she can’t hand wash clothes), can’t wash floor and toilets, vacuum cleaner should be there, she can’t work before 6 AM and after 11:30 PM and also if any special movies aired in the TV, she won’t work until it gets over etc etc. Seems now she is the master of the house and he and his wife are literally ‘servicing’ her. I was not surprised when I heard this. From my cousins, family friends, neighbours I’m hearing the same for a long time (and also from my personal experience).now a days it’s very hard to get housemaids from Kerala and if they are any, majority of them preferring to work in the young techies homes in Chennai, pune and Bangalore. So most of them reluctantly agree to there ‘demands’.
Okay let me tell a normal day in my house. Sister used get up early morning 5:45 and all. Then she will try to wake up our great ‘chinnakili’ from her deep sleep. She will just turn back to other side and will continue to sleep. After 10 minutes

Sis: chinnakili get up. Chinna: ahhh hummm
After 10 minutes Bro-in-law: chinnakili get up fast and please help akka in kitchen, yesterday U were drunk or what …By the time nephews will get up and shout
Nephews: chinnu,chinuuuuu darling .Get up fast, today also you are last(who got up).give us the tv remote

Finally coz of the noise of pogo\cartoon network and all, she will get up. Then our princess will pick the metro plus and espresso (cinema supplement in Indian express) and sneak into the corner of the kitchen. By the time when my sister ask her minimum 3-4 times to do something, if she is in good mood she will do, else will sleep in the corner of kitchen or snatch the remote from someone and watch Tamil music channels
Next night, sister is back from office at 8 PM and asking her

Sis: what u prepared for dinner Chinu: akka, rice Sis: rice with?
Chinu:Didn’t do anything akkka,inneku sun tv’il super star padam vanthachu…So was busy watching that, anyways something will be there in fridge

After dinner and all we will ask her minimum 10 times, to finish the work and go to sleep early. But when we all move to our respective room and switch of the light, she sneak out to the hall, make sure everyone is asleep and grab the remote and will be watching TV till late night or until someone else come to hall.
And on Saturdays my sister (on her hard earned holiday after really stressful days in office) will be battling in kitchen and with kids instead of relaxing and having some nice time and our princess will be watching latest movies in TV and if there is not any good movies in TV, she will get some DVD’s from shelf and will be watching it. Ohh my god she is one lucky specie. Only we know how we are controlling ourselves.
Actually I explained very small percent here. But we don’t have any choice coz it is hard to get a trustworthy maid now a days. So we are just tolerating her. And also it is not only the case in my house but also in the neighbourhood and most of our family friend’s house.

Some one is there to talk for us????…is anyone is listening??? … we are also ‘suffering’ badly.

December 9, 2009 at 12:17 pm 43 comments

Some random Shopping tales

“Dude, if you are not in a hurry, can you gimme a lift to health and glow and then to my apartment”. One of my friend called me and told, when I was about to leave from office. I’m a bit ‘allergic’ to this shop. The sales girls\guys in this shop are ‘trained’ to tempt you for buying all the needed\unwanted stuff (*from the experience of yours truly and his friends).Few years back, after doing some shopping to attend my cousin’s marriage, I headed to this shop to buy a sunscreen and hair gel (that was the first time in my life I went there).
The sales girls asked me what I want and I answered her. But she convinced me to buy another brand to my preferred one. Then another sales girl approached me and asked

S.G: Sir, you have got lot of open pores on your face, just look at this mirror.
after doing some close examination I felt that she is right (though I have never noticed it before) ;).
Me: yeah I can see a few. But what is the problem in that?
S.G: Sir it doesn’t looks good. It looks awkward; you have to tighten those pores.
I was thinking there, that why she is concerned about me so much 🙄
Before I told anything, she brought some skin toner and told me
S.G: Use this product .With in one month you will see the result
Me: I don’t think it is necessary for me, will you bill these products fast

Then she gave me a lecture about the nature of my skin and how good that product for my skin for next few minutes.i became tired of her lecture, so finally she won the battle and I brought it (one reason 4 that is I wanna look best at my family function 😉 ).
While moving towards the bill counter another sales girl approached me and asked me whether I have hair loss problem or not and I told no and moved away. she told me like

S.G 2: Sir just 1 min listen 2 me ,use this hair oil, so that in future, you won’t be suffering from any hair lose problem and also it has good cooling effect.

I couldn’t stop laughing to that, first time I heard about some product (and approached by someone) to prevent hair loss in future. Anyways I didn’t let her to proceed and promptly avoided her and moved to billing counter. When I was about to pay this bill another sales girl approached me (hmm it was not that bad, been the center of attraction of this much girls 😉 )

S.G 3: Sir you are lucky to have normal skin type. Use this face pack once in a week. It is very necessary for this climate and also if you are sitting in air conditioned room for a long time. Use this product and see the result after a week. It will make your skin glow like anything

(They all were talking to me as if I’m the only person who don’t have self –awareness in that area 😕 ) I felt like telling her, till I came here I (my skin) was perfectly fine. So will u please leave me alone
I just thanked her, paid the money and immediately left the space, before someone else caught me. After this incident,I always used to be very careful with that shop.

Though, it happened few years back. When my friend called me, I recalled this incident first. But as also I have to buy a deo and hair oil I agreed to drop her there. I asked my friend to pick up a deo for me and I moved to hair oil stack .As expected one sales girl approached me and asked me “whath dho you whaanth” in her fake British accent. Though I have a regular hair care products brand I just asked her can u suggest good non sticky hair oil. She took the product of an international renowned brand and started explaining its benefits. I told her that, that product is not good and then took my favorite brand .Though there was a big queue in the cash counter, I gave my pick to my friend and waited at cash counter. I was curious about, why there is such a big crowd in a personal care and cosmetic shop. So I just peeped at others basket (just for time pass). It was a bit funny. One young foreign lady who were standing in the end of the queue, by holding a 10 rupee mini tissue pack (no comments about it….I was struggling there to control my laugh) Another lady was holding a small packet of ‘ladies only stuff’ and a tooth brush, waiting for her turn in that long queue (was wondering there, now a days medical shops and super markets are not stocking these stuff or what). When I told about the same to my friend, she told me like, “It is something like an addiction, a form of shopaholism. They experience some kind of satisfaction, when they spend some time or purchase something (though it is useful or not) in those particular places” .Anyways when we were about to leave the space old sales girl came running towards us and asked me

S.G: Sir Can I ask you something me: yeah sure
S.G: y did you say, that hair oil is not good. me: what happened, why did you ask?
S.G: (in a panicked tone) I’m using it for past 1 month; please tell me what is wrong with that product.
We couldn’t stop laughing at her question and at her panicked expression.My friend answered her that “it contains silicon, so as per doctors advise it is not recommended for daily use(though it make your hair shine instantly but later on it may cause serious drawbacks like frizzy hair, hair fall and also problems for scalp etc”(always chose hair care products that does not contain silicon).She thanked us and left(her facial expression was priceless , and anyways it was payback time for us).

Anyways after a tiring week in office that short shopping was a perfect fun experience for us.

P.S: I didn’t mean to insult anyone (any characters mentioned here) in this post. @ H & G – It is a very good shop, were we can purchase all the local\international brands of our choice. Only thing is you have to be a bit careful with the sales persons.

Trivia: Saw this movie on last week – A Walk on the Moon . Loved it (good performance from lead actors and very good BG music) .Grab the DVD and watch it if you like unconventional movies)

November 3, 2009 at 11:58 am 44 comments

A ‘noisy’ problem

Sometime back coz of this severe ear pain, I decided to pay a visit to my neighbor Dr:Ravi’s clinic. After the normal check up he prescribed some medicine for cold and he asked me, if I use ipod \mp3 player. I nodded my head and he just smiled at me and the proceeded with casual conversation. But I understood that there is something behind his question and smile (also I read an article about the same some time back). Here, I’m summarizing my conversation with him.

Me: Why did you ask that? Is there any problem in using that?
Dr: off course there is some serious problem in that, see ear drum is the most sensitive part of your body. It has a tolerance level. If you pressurize it beyond its limit, it will fail to recognize sound and some times it may result in temporary or permanent deafness. So it is not at all advisable to use foreign materials in ear. I always tell the same to everyone, But no one listen it. Especially you youngsters will tell that we want some music to relax …..Ok there is nothing wrong in that. Instead of earphones \ headphones, listen songs from speakers. Unfortunately we are the first generation who is exposed to noise pollution, so it will take few years to know the real outcome. Now a days hearing capacity of many people aged 30-35 is equivalent to the capacity of 55-60 years old.

First time in my life I had a serious discussion about this topic. I know as an experienced doctor and an Asst professor in medical college, there was a point in, what all he said. It is known fact that we all are knowingly or unknowingly contribute to noise pollution and also we are also affected directly or indirectly by its outcome. But unfortunately we can’t avoid many of the reasons for this like motor vehicle noise, horns, loudspeakers etc .I am told that, sometimes it affects our psychological as well as physical health (hypertension, high stress, high BP, sleep disturbance, irritation, loss of concentration etc. But most of us fail to recognize that this is the reason for all that). In the present world we can’t avoid many of the causes but probably we can control to a small extend.Apart from action that suppose to taken by statutes, it is high time that at least we should do what we can do for restraining this.

October 19, 2009 at 12:13 pm 28 comments

antha ‘sir’ naan thaana

There are some characters, we will never forget in our life. These fellows are specialist in boasting, blabbering and boring/entertaining (for few people) others. Few months back, we had this security in our office. Very soon he becomes the center of attention of everyone because of his ‘great general knowledge’ and ‘historic inventions’. One day he was busy doing something at his mobile phone (Nokia 2626). By the same time one of my colleagues asked him to handover his helmet kept in his table

Hero (aka security): Sir, just one minute, let me finish downloading these songs
Colleague: (in a sarcastic tone) why you look so sleepy today, didn’t sleep or what
Hero: (In a very serious tone) Ohh sir what to say, yesterday full night I was chatting with Barrack Obama in my cell phone. so couldn’t sleep.
Coll: you mean American president????
Hero: off course sir, He is simply amazing and entertaining .No wonder he is the president of America
Coll..: ohh really….you are doing chatting, browsing, downloading songs with a basic phone, you are amazing dude.
Hero: actually this is a customized limited edition phone.Only100 special people in India got this cell phone…… 

My colleague didn’t have capacity to hear the rest, so he just ran away. (May be he would have fainted, if he stayed there for another few minutes).
Another day two of my colleagues having a puff in car parking area, suddenly a Honda –CRV test driving SUV came there and the driver asked them “where is the Sir”. They looked at each other and asked him, whom he is talking about. Suddenly our hero came running towards them and told him “annnai antha sir naaan thanaa, Kannan Sir” (bro, I am only that Sir, Kanan sir). The facial expression of that driver\technician at that time was priceless. The hero got into the car and checked everything and commented hmm AC effect is not good and he asked the technician “Can you drive it for me, I know only left hand driving”.
After the test drive, he came toward us and told
Hero: hmmm that is basic model; I’m not interested in that and also what kinda car is this ? they don’t have even split AC option,having only window AC right now, . The upgraded version of CRV is coming next month, I’m waiting for that.
After hearing this someone commented like this “Ohh really, is that also customized limited edition car and will be given to some ‘special people’ like you?

Though he worked in our company for only three months, we will never forget him in our life. May god save him, before someone kill him or kill themselves coz there inability to bear his verbal torture

P.S: Wish you all a happy and safe Diwali

October 13, 2009 at 1:32 pm 19 comments

Mera number kab aayega :(

Me: Helu she: Hi anish did u get, who is this?
Well this is the one sentence I hate to the core in a telephonic conversation.
Me: well sruthy? , hmmm neena, wait a second….. Nancy right????
She: ohh u remembers all Jessica, Monica. Can’t U recognize this good friend of yours, huh? This is teena, U fool
Me: oops itz U girl, looong time…what you are doing now days…..
Teena: it is okay anish, just pulling your legs. Hey listen; I’m landing India on next week. And also I’m planning to go to Chennai and spend a couple of days over there with my cousins. Between is it possible to meet, you guys
Me: why not, love to see U again
Teena: cool, I will call u once I reach there. By the time U tell others about the same and plan something

Well teena was my batch mate and a good friend of mine. Of course she was my, another short-term crush in the college .she is good looking, smart, sensible, studious and a spiritual girl. Though she had a lot of secret admires in my batch, no one showed any guts to propose her coz everyone was sure she were not interested in all that
I was so happy when I received her call and was so excited about meeting her again. Though these days I’m irritated with these question repeatedly from lot of ‘well wishers’ like “so when u getting finally hooked up?” and the same answer I give to every one “too young to get married now, so probably after 3 years”. After her call and day dreams, accidentally I recalled this family friend’s comment about my answer, like “that is our point, start looking now itself dude, so that you can find a good one and get married when the time come”. So I thought like “y not her, she is smart, sensible etc…. yeah she is the perfect one for me”. I told to myself “there is nothing wrong in telling my ‘dil ki baat’ to her”. So I decided to go ahead. I called up our mutual and told about the get together. So we all decided to meet up at CCD first at 4:30 and plan what to do after that over there. Then I called her up and asked her to be at CCD by 4

We both reached the spot almost at the same time .I felt like, running towards her and give her a big hug. But I just controlled myself and instead I just blew a flying kiss to her. She just smiled at me and then we sat face to face at CCD and started talking.

Me:girl U looks gorgeous, how you have been.
T: ohh really thank u…..I’m doing great as usual. Between, you too look great

The conversation were going great…..I told to myself “dude this is the ideal time, tell those three magical words to her. Don’t loose the chance”. When I was about to propose her she told me with a sweet smile
T: u didn’t ask, y I came to India and now Chennai to meet u all
Me: why?
T: (in a very excited tone): heyy, dude can u believe this. I am getting married!!!
After hearing this I started laughing like anything and I told her
Me: Teena, I can’t believe this, why it is always happens to me
T: see see, I told U na …excuse me, what is with the last sentence??
Me: not that dear, I was about to propose u now. Goodness u told that before, else everything would have been fing fing
T: Dude are you serious, I can’t believe this. I thought you were not interested in this love lup and all. Between, why me? She grinned at me
Me: I had a small crush on you when we were in college and anyway after some time I have to get hooked up with some one na .So I thought, it will be nice to have a nice girl like U …..
T: hmm interesting, I thought you guys were not interested in me in that way when we were in college. And I guess I might have been a little reserved over there.
Me: no no, the fact is so many guys had crush on you. But as they don’t wanna spoil the friendship with you, they didn’t go ahead.
T: ohhh really… Okay forget about others, though u had a crush on me, why didn’t you propose me that time. I guess we were pretty close friends since first year
Me: Hey I was not desperate at that time and also I thought that would make you upset. Ok forget it, if in case I proposed you, what reply, you would have given to me?
Me: Hey I was not desperate at that time and also I thought, that would make you upset ok forget it, If in case I proposed you, what reply, you would have given to me?
T: idiot, why in case, you should have proposed me….OMG I missed so much fun…Ok ok, jokes apart…anish you know me very well right. I’m my parent’s daughter. You know, I never used to take any personal decisions in my life. What ever is my parents decision I will obey that and so far they gave me the best in everything. That’s all about that. thatz it
Me: ok ok I was just kidding, forget about that. Anyways we both had some fun moments. That’s more than enough. Between congrats for getting hooked up
T: thanks anish actually I’m so excited, you know he is my childhood friend. I’m gonna tell this to him, when he call me. Between this is fun time for you guys. Instead of getting committed to one girl at this time, move around everyone and have fun. And at the same time always keep this in mind “GOD is good to those who love him”

By the time our friends came and we shared this to them and everyone had a good laugh. Though I cooked up all these for fun, we had really very good time (I never expected that twist).Anyways teenz, I wish much happiness to you and your darling husband. May God bless you both? And I’m so happy to have such a wonderful friend like you.

P.S: Between why this is always happens to me. Though for fun or real, this is the third time same thing happened to me.

October 3, 2009 at 9:29 pm 29 comments

Some ‘kid’dish stories

Kids now days …..Omg, they are so fast.
I have a got a bunch of kutty friends (kids) in my apartment. They are too smart than, we can imagine (at least for me).How fast they get along with latest cell phones, computers, other electronic stuffs etc (once I had a tough time adding a birthday reminder to my cell phone, was checking it for almost 10 minutes, but this 8 year old chap found it out with in 2 minutes after a few key strokes), how fast they learn the logic behind PC games. Not to mention the ‘historic words and inventions’ coming from there mouth.

That day I was glad to see my five year old nephew (Once, this smarty dude demanded his parents like “he want a chechi (dhidhi) like actress trisha as his house maid, to take care of his day to day needs) at the door step, after coming from office. In fact he was waiting for his friend to come out to play, who is residing at the next door. To tease him I asked like “are you waiting for your girlfriend buddy”, you guys won’t believe what he told. He told me like “your girl is staring at you from there, man, why she is always talking to you (She is studying in just 9th standard, used play badminton with me occasionally and I used help her to clear her math’s doubts…… gosh kids listen everything 🙂 ).Anyways everyone present there had a nice laugh

Forget to tell, even I have got a six year old ‘girl friend’ (her name is anna) here 🙂 , who used give me company for weekend evening walks and who used to share her little fictional stories(superb ones in fairy story/fantasy genre).Once one of my close friend commented like “u will be jail if u consider her as ur GF”, but I never mind…she is a little angel :P…kidding. One day during a evening walk, suddenly she become serious like a 70 year old grand mother and anxiously asked me like “achacha(means bhaiya or brother) when will you get married?(she used to asked me this always).I tried to explain her like “molu I’m too young to get married, probably after 3-4 years I will do, and you will be standing with me carrying flower bouquet during the ceremony ,are you happy now?(It is a custom among Syrian Christians, like small kids will be accompanying bride-groom with fresh flowers)).She thought for a while and replied me “ohhh I understood, you are gonna marry neethu chichi, right(chechi means dhidhi or sister)” (neethu is my neighbor and a good friend of mine…gosh from where she got this controversial ideas 😀 ).For my goodness no one was present there, if anyone heard that….then I would have been finished by teasing… anyways I pretended like I didn’t hear what she said

Last but not the least, After the Sunday mass we were chatting outside the church, suddenly one of my family friend’s 9 year old kid rushed to his dad and commented like “dad, you have got only this ‘woman’ to get married, didn’t you have Eyes at that time” (this chap got angry coz his mom didn’t let him go to play). Poor guy, he is still teased by us, pointing this incident.

But anyways I love to spend time with kids and play with them. They are innocent and there minds are unpolluted. There presence will make you fresh and cool (even at the most tensed or heated situations). They have got the magic to make you cool with in minutes, yeahh kinda best stress busters.

August 4, 2009 at 10:00 pm 20 comments

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