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For Whom , For What

Zera : Bhaiya , Kahan Ja Rahe Hain
Me: hey zera, I’m going out with my friends to watch kurbaan
Zera : Ohh that movie…I hate those kinda movies…I mean Muslims, terrorism, anyways bye bhaiya ,have a nice time.
Me: Bye, see ya tonight

Zera (a smart, bubbly tenth standard student) is my neighbor. Later that night, I met her again with her friend sameer

Zera: bhaiya how was the movie.Sameer he saw kurbaan today
Me:Yeahh it was good
Sameer: I saw the trailer. From the trailer itself I almost understood the plot. It must be stupid one like other movies in similar genre.
Zera :yeahh first it was Fanahh ,then newyork now Kurbaan. Come-on all stupid movies
Sameer: Exactly zera, everyone is portraying us as bad people. As if we are born with a mark on our head that we are terrorists. So frustrating.

I didn’t want to take part in that conversation further, so I just told them bye and walked away. I couldn’t believe that this was the conversation between a 14 year old girl and 17 year old boy. I was surprised how much they were hurt (though they don’t even know what is life and haven’t experienced anything in there life) because of verbal, visual direct/ indirect attack towards a particular community just because of the stupidity of few extremists.
I was not interested in these kinds of topics and I never used to take part in debates, discussions that deals with religions, denominations and politics. But for some reason this incident made me think a lot. Because of the stupidity of few peoples (that too hardly 5 percentages) an entire community is suffering. I still can’t understand what is the aim behind these terrorism and riots and all. Though we are Christians, Hindus or Muslims we inhale same oxygen from same source, we need food and water to survive and also everyone is formed with blood and flesh .For whom we are fighting .I’m told and taught that all the religions teaches to love one another and don’t cause any harm to others. So I will say if anyone fight in the name of god or do harm to his other children’s, then they are not god’s children but devils loyal children.

Trivia: Few times back one of my friend told us a story that made us think and laugh a lot. His job demanded frequent flight journeys. To his surprise he and his baggages were always cross checked by officials (not only in airports but also in railway station).Later he mentioned this to a friend, who is a top official in police. After hearing this he started laughing hysterically and asked him to just shave his French beard. Surprisingly after he shaved his French beard off, not even a single official asked him for extra checking so far(it happened almost two years back) .The point to be noted was, he is a Christian and got a good achayan (Syrian Christian) name .But still, just because of a beard……


January 26, 2010 at 12:55 pm 35 comments

Smart Idiots

At one side, a born gifted artist who is famous for creating publicity stunts and controversies for promoting his movies and on the other side a prominent author who claim “He has made Indians read never like before”.
When I heard about all this controversy (3 idiots and five point), initially I was surprised. First of all Bollywood is an industry which is famous for cut-copy, Xerox copy, stealing, inspiration, plagiarism, etc (not only story, plot but also songs). And here in this case at least they brought all the rights from him and already acknowledged the plot is based on his book (and also producer of the movie stated that “in the agreement between the producer and Bhagat, it was clearly mentioned that the author’s name would be
put in the closing credits”. Anyways after seeing the movie, again I got confused that, why chetan made such a big scene (he claimed that movie was 70% of the book). But I felt that they lifted just the characters and also few incidents (that to not a straight lift).I enjoyed the book and the movie properly. Because of this controversy both chetan and producers where equally benefited. The movie is already one of the biggest blockbusters in the history of Bollywood and according to the leading bookstores there is almost 35 percent increase in this book’s sales after the movie release. Few days back one of my friend (she is a big movie buff and haven’t read even a single book in her lifetime) whether I have got the ‘five point someone….’ and she also asked me whether I have got his other books also. We can imagine like her how many people would have brought this book just to kill the curiosity and after they heard about chetan (which is obliviously coz of the success of 3 idiots and all these controversy) .And also many of those who read the book also would have gone the movie to check, how the book got shaped up as a movie. So it is damn sure both side were equally benefited. After all (because of this controversy or not) chetan, vidhu vinod chopra are already laughing all the way to the bank. I guess if all this was not for a publicity stunt, then they all could have sit together for few hours and resolved all those confusions ,complaints in a decent manner rather than spicing up everything before the public. After all media and public got a ‘hot’ topic to gossip for few days. So at the end of the day I think everyone is equally happy about all these

P.S: I’m neither against the movie or book and also I’m against plagiarism. But I felt here things are a little different and wanted to write my views about the same (especially after seeing Vidhu chopra’s statement about the end credits).As I said earlier, I properly enjoyed the book and the movie

January 18, 2010 at 12:48 pm 28 comments

Kurbaan : Review

When it come entertainers Dharma productions never disappointed us. Many movies deals with terrorism came in Bollywood in past few years. But I will say majority are half baked or love stories. What make kurbaan different from rest of the movies of similar genre is, probably this is the first Bollywood (or Indian) movie which dealt with Global terrorism and other thing is rather than others of similar genre, the story progress with the point of view of terrorists (not portraying them as either baddies or goodies, just express there emotions and psyche) as well as moderate peoples and also movie portrays pain of helpless spectator who lost his loved one in one of the attack. The movie concentrates on its core theme rather than distracting sub plots and songs.

Avantika, a lecture at a university in Delhi fall in love with Ehsaan a professor from similar university and soon they get married and relocate to New York. But soon they find out that things are not cool as it seems and no one can be trusted. I don’t want to tell anything further and spoil the fun of watching a thriller

My take
A good story with style and substance is rare thing in Bollywood. Kurbaan is one of those kinds. It has a tight script and fast paced screenplay. The performances of lead actors are commendable .I have never seen Kiron Kher in such a powerful role. Never thought Vivek Oberoi knows anything other than over acting But he is too good in this movie. Cinematography and Background score is excellent. I’m sure this movie will take Indian movie to next level. Guess we have got another Abbas-Mustaan. Kudos to Rensil D’Silva and his team. Really smart one. Yeah Some Love Stories have Blood on them.

Scene to watch out: A bullet wound surgery,climax

Pros: Screen play, climax, back ground score, art direction and cinematography, saif-Kareena chemistry, fewer songs (but good ones), no item numbers, tough and dark one.
Cons: First half an hour (a bit drag), Too hot for kids (don’t take kids with you for this movie), not for masses.

November 23, 2009 at 11:58 am 37 comments


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