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Yet another story of ‘Household violence’

NOTE: This post is dedicated to all the cursed souls who are ‘tortured’ by there maids

While talking with my friend sometime back, he happened to told me about his maid. Before she joined them she demanded like – there should be colour TV with tata sky or BIG TV in the house, washing machine (she openly told she can’t hand wash clothes), can’t wash floor and toilets, vacuum cleaner should be there, she can’t work before 6 AM and after 11:30 PM and also if any special movies aired in the TV, she won’t work until it gets over etc etc. Seems now she is the master of the house and he and his wife are literally ‘servicing’ her. I was not surprised when I heard this. From my cousins, family friends, neighbours I’m hearing the same for a long time (and also from my personal experience).now a days it’s very hard to get housemaids from Kerala and if they are any, majority of them preferring to work in the young techies homes in Chennai, pune and Bangalore. So most of them reluctantly agree to there ‘demands’.
Okay let me tell a normal day in my house. Sister used get up early morning 5:45 and all. Then she will try to wake up our great ‘chinnakili’ from her deep sleep. She will just turn back to other side and will continue to sleep. After 10 minutes

Sis: chinnakili get up. Chinna: ahhh hummm
After 10 minutes Bro-in-law: chinnakili get up fast and please help akka in kitchen, yesterday U were drunk or what …By the time nephews will get up and shout
Nephews: chinnu,chinuuuuu darling .Get up fast, today also you are last(who got up).give us the tv remote

Finally coz of the noise of pogo\cartoon network and all, she will get up. Then our princess will pick the metro plus and espresso (cinema supplement in Indian express) and sneak into the corner of the kitchen. By the time when my sister ask her minimum 3-4 times to do something, if she is in good mood she will do, else will sleep in the corner of kitchen or snatch the remote from someone and watch Tamil music channels
Next night, sister is back from office at 8 PM and asking her

Sis: what u prepared for dinner Chinu: akka, rice Sis: rice with?
Chinu:Didn’t do anything akkka,inneku sun tv’il super star padam vanthachu…So was busy watching that, anyways something will be there in fridge

After dinner and all we will ask her minimum 10 times, to finish the work and go to sleep early. But when we all move to our respective room and switch of the light, she sneak out to the hall, make sure everyone is asleep and grab the remote and will be watching TV till late night or until someone else come to hall.
And on Saturdays my sister (on her hard earned holiday after really stressful days in office) will be battling in kitchen and with kids instead of relaxing and having some nice time and our princess will be watching latest movies in TV and if there is not any good movies in TV, she will get some DVD’s from shelf and will be watching it. Ohh my god she is one lucky specie. Only we know how we are controlling ourselves.
Actually I explained very small percent here. But we don’t have any choice coz it is hard to get a trustworthy maid now a days. So we are just tolerating her. And also it is not only the case in my house but also in the neighbourhood and most of our family friend’s house.

Some one is there to talk for us????…is anyone is listening??? … we are also ‘suffering’ badly.


December 9, 2009 at 12:17 pm 43 comments

Some ‘kid’dish stories

Kids now days …..Omg, they are so fast.
I have a got a bunch of kutty friends (kids) in my apartment. They are too smart than, we can imagine (at least for me).How fast they get along with latest cell phones, computers, other electronic stuffs etc (once I had a tough time adding a birthday reminder to my cell phone, was checking it for almost 10 minutes, but this 8 year old chap found it out with in 2 minutes after a few key strokes), how fast they learn the logic behind PC games. Not to mention the ‘historic words and inventions’ coming from there mouth.

That day I was glad to see my five year old nephew (Once, this smarty dude demanded his parents like “he want a chechi (dhidhi) like actress trisha as his house maid, to take care of his day to day needs) at the door step, after coming from office. In fact he was waiting for his friend to come out to play, who is residing at the next door. To tease him I asked like “are you waiting for your girlfriend buddy”, you guys won’t believe what he told. He told me like “your girl is staring at you from there, man, why she is always talking to you (She is studying in just 9th standard, used play badminton with me occasionally and I used help her to clear her math’s doubts…… gosh kids listen everything 🙂 ).Anyways everyone present there had a nice laugh

Forget to tell, even I have got a six year old ‘girl friend’ (her name is anna) here 🙂 , who used give me company for weekend evening walks and who used to share her little fictional stories(superb ones in fairy story/fantasy genre).Once one of my close friend commented like “u will be jail if u consider her as ur GF”, but I never mind…she is a little angel :P…kidding. One day during a evening walk, suddenly she become serious like a 70 year old grand mother and anxiously asked me like “achacha(means bhaiya or brother) when will you get married?(she used to asked me this always).I tried to explain her like “molu I’m too young to get married, probably after 3-4 years I will do, and you will be standing with me carrying flower bouquet during the ceremony ,are you happy now?(It is a custom among Syrian Christians, like small kids will be accompanying bride-groom with fresh flowers)).She thought for a while and replied me “ohhh I understood, you are gonna marry neethu chichi, right(chechi means dhidhi or sister)” (neethu is my neighbor and a good friend of mine…gosh from where she got this controversial ideas 😀 ).For my goodness no one was present there, if anyone heard that….then I would have been finished by teasing… anyways I pretended like I didn’t hear what she said

Last but not the least, After the Sunday mass we were chatting outside the church, suddenly one of my family friend’s 9 year old kid rushed to his dad and commented like “dad, you have got only this ‘woman’ to get married, didn’t you have Eyes at that time” (this chap got angry coz his mom didn’t let him go to play). Poor guy, he is still teased by us, pointing this incident.

But anyways I love to spend time with kids and play with them. They are innocent and there minds are unpolluted. There presence will make you fresh and cool (even at the most tensed or heated situations). They have got the magic to make you cool with in minutes, yeahh kinda best stress busters.

August 4, 2009 at 10:00 pm 20 comments


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