On the beach , with my girls….

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I was holding the small tender hands of Sera and started walking through the shore of beach .Sera was visibly getting irritated at the stinking smell and the disgusting site of garbage piled up at everywhere in the shore and she was trying hard to find a place which is free of garbage to sit and enjoy the cool breeze and site of waves..

She frowned at me and teasingly asked: Dad, I can’t believe. Haven’t you got a better place to propose my Mom?

I started chuckling after hearing this, then gave a kiss on her cheek and answered her

Me: What??? No wonder your mom always reminds me about you like “she’s a cutie, but she’s a brat disguised as a cutie pie: D”…

She pretend to be angry and gave a spank on my back .For a moment I went back to my old days… with my Nisha…preciously 15 years back…the days were it was not so trending hanging out in shopping mall and do window shopping or shaking our hips in pubs or not even burying our entire days under the laptop like a zombie

It was the craze of books, movies and off course beach which brought Nisha and me together. Countless evenings we bunk our college classes to enjoy the beauty of the waves and experience the romantic yet relaxing ambiance of cool sea breeze. We used to sit in the shore, enjoy the cool breeze, munch fried ground nuts and hot tea and debate about the characters immortalized by kurosawa, Frank capra , Hitchcock, Sidney Lumet , Cohelo etc…..

And Days passed, we don’t know how n when we fall for each other.

And our first kiss when I felt the tenderness of her cute lips against my cheeks, in the backdrop of sea on a cool breezy evening just before a retro sunset.

Lots of nostalgic moments, which link Me Nisha and beach. Probably much before god blessed us with Sera.

“Dad lets go, this place is so yuck “

Sera’s tender whisper on my ears brought me back to the sense… I hold her little hands and started walking towards the car parking…

My daughter may not believe there was a time, we used to drink water from streams, get drenched in rain (as it was not at all acidic), and spend countless hours in beach and made sand castles, feel the fresh air etc. Even I feel guilty I didn’t care about nature much when I was young.

I’m not sure whom to blame for all this.

I ignited my car and started driving back from the parking lot with Sera .

Note : Wrote it for go green theme for a newsletter.Cross posting it here 🙂


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