God’s own country flodded by fake ‘godmen n godwomen’

June 13, 2008 at 12:25 pm 1 comment

Its been a long time..i wanna comment something abt recent controversial topic “god man n god women ” in kerala.Itz so bad 2 hear tht kerala is a gud market 4 all fake swami’s,swamini’s n pasters akka priests.All these ‘criminals’ are taking the innocence n faith of poor common man or citizen as granted.i just don’t understand Y we common people fall for those again n again.Itz gud 2 see tht peoples r getting closer 2 god now a datz…may be hectic pressure in work place or family problems made him cum closer 2 god……or he wanna take spirituality as a place to run away frm his problems n tensions……..but is most of them r ended in the right place or wht?……..many of these fake priests r taking this situation to achieve there ‘goal’.

It all started with santhosh madhavan–a self proclaimed god man…..initially the case charged aganist him was cheque fraud case n seems he was a binami for big officials and politicians(most of the tv channels n newspapers reported like that)….but later everything turned up….n the case got diverted (porno cd’s of swami…enquires got diverted to rape the swami committed to minors)………he was followed by lot of fake ‘god man n woman’………..another one who was a film director/producer(he was accused for a cheque case n he was missing 4 allmost 2 years…when he came bak…he claimed himself as a swami…n declared tht he don’t recall anything frm his past…name is some sunil)……Police conducted raid in many places and many arrests are reported

For a month all the newspapers,blogs,Tv channels were giving exclusivenews n assumptions abt all this……But how can we justify the DYFI/SNDP activities happend recently.It is strongly condemnable…tht DYFI workers shaved the beared and hair of a swami in kanoor(seems he was a former DYFYI supporter)……n some of the sndp/sivesena supporters attacked shalom TV office n heavenly feast church.Who gave permission to do all these crap(I wonder whether our country is turned frm democratic to communist or wht?)…..I just don’t understand y our youth is spoiling and wasting like this..like instead of doing some usefull works n earn something for themselves or there family…why do they wanna broke the glass of govnmnt assets n get into unnecessary controversies.

Recent news r …our honorable internal affair’s minister is trying to bring law for controlling foreign funds for spiritual trusts..is tht the solution for everything?

nyways …frm santhosh madhavan to fr Jose Puthrukayil (accused for sister abhaya case)..who ever it may be ..if they did the crime..then they should be punished properly without any loopholes.It should be a good lesson for others….Finally Itz the time for media to bring out the real face of all these frauds b4 common man …..Offcourse you guyz (medias) will have all support from us.

PS : The problem is not with these fake ‘god men’…Itz the problem with we common man……..coz we r ready to believe praise any Tom,Dick n Harry without any reason


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  • 1. Suvi  |  September 26, 2008 at 4:54 am

    What about the wacky politicians who are always going after useless controversies in Kerala? They are still trying to implement here the crazy communist ideologies, which were thrown out of most of the world half a century back.

    May be the people are pretty dumb here to elect all these stupid guys to political power. Around 10 of the ministers have never completed 10th class in school. and many of the politicians who have never seen a express high way in their entire life are opposing them for the sake of political brownie points.


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