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May 12, 2008 at 6:43 am 2 comments

I always wanna scribble something…but laziness and lack of time stop me frm blogging. Hmm last week went 2 native and came bak…attended cousin’s marriage. Finally she got her beloved. After so much tension, waiting……finally the much awaited moment is over… I’m happy 4 her….wht I believe is like…..if u fall in love…U should stand by tat person else u should n’t fall in luv(Y do u wanna ‘cheat’ a guy or gal )….tats wht I believe ….in that case kudos 2 u my cousin sis and bro in law…..

Then wht…abt the journey to Chennai –Aluva in aleppi express….hmmm when I was abt 2 leave frm the office, we have got lot of issues in our project (as usual) .Bt thanks 2 my PM…he told me like “anish if itz urgent…then u can leave…we will manage “ ..hmmmm frm tht moment I was running…thank lord got bus on time…didn’t have much traffic till I reach home. Hmm 7:30 PM…have 2 leave the flat b4 8:30..took a shower, packed everything…… dressed up…locked up everything…after that a small prayer…ayyo 8 :35.when I reached the bus stop I have waited 4 almost 10 minutes…hmmm no bus has cum….finally hired a auto. after some bargaining…Finally he agreed 2 drop @ railway station 4 60 bucks….at last I reached railway station @ 9:05 PM. exactly 10 minutes b4 departure…went to hot breads n just had a burger…enough…then located S7 just dropped my bag there… in tht journey got a new friend ..Ms ST…we have chatted 4 a while…like started frm spirituality…then college, home n movies (itz the common topic 4 all youngsters of our age)…nywys nice female…she got a very pleasant smile…I’m really jealous abt those guyz…..i mean those who can give such a sweet smile.

Then wht …nothing special happen in this outing 2 native….slept properly 4 2 dayz…spend some time with sis & packed bak n landed here on Sunday….then again same routine


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Why did I luv U dear ? I want to do what is right, but I can’t

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  • 1. Annie  |  August 7, 2008 at 11:03 am

    spirituality college movies……….. mmmm…. any topic to get tat pleasant smile 😉

  • 2. anishthomas  |  August 7, 2008 at 11:23 am

    hmmmm…i will do anything to get a pleasant smile from my friends annie 🙂 ……..


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